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パク・ボゴム [PARK BO GUM]
2020年3月18日(水)発売 ファーストアルバム『blue bird』
【M1“Dear My Friend”サブスク先行配信中】


●初回限定盤A [CD+PHOTO BOOK] PCCA-04898 本体価格¥4,500+TAX

●初回限定盤B [CD+DVD] PCCA-04899 本体価格¥4,200+TAX
※DVD収録内容(「Dear My Friend」Music Video+メイキング映像)

●通常盤 [CD Only] PCCA-04900 本体価格¥2,800+TAX

01. Dear My Friend
02. 夢のRoute
03. Come on & join us
04. Fall Into My Arms
05. 空を見上げてごらん
07. Best Love Song
08. Brilliant Days
09. 君のそばに
10. Bloomin’ (Acoustic ver.)
〔Special Track〕
11. Happy Merry Christmas

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32 Replies to “パク・ボゴム (PARK BO GUM)「Dear My Friend」【MV】”

  1. コインロッカーの女で初めて

  2. 언제나 응원합니다~♡♡
    따뜻한 마음 느끼게 해줘서 감사해요~~~~
    이 느낌 변치마세요~~^^

  3. ah .. i loved this concept. you are always giving your all and doing a good job. this song is so inspiring and beautiful. shows how good it is to maintain good relationships with people. that having someone special by your side is rewarding. bo gum, i'm very proud of you. and happy, because you released such a good album and full of messages. with beautiful and inspiring music. I am very happy that you are making your dream come true. continue this wonderful path and make the world a place more filled with light, with its beautiful music and impeccable acting.

    I thank you for all the good things you provide. may God continue to bless your life and all the people around you. i love you, be well and be happy. ❤❤

  4. Park Bo Gum always appears to be a genuine guy in every video and he seems real and not contrived. I pray he goes through life enlightened and continued success in all his endeavors!

  5. 노래도 좋고 뮤비도 좋고~목소리도 좋고 노래도 잘하시고 너무 좋아요~박보검씨 매력쩔어 너무 좋아요~

  6. Now there's home work that I Love so much to do, that's "Boiling Water" while humming this song, your songs Dear Bogummy 💙💕🥰
    The ordinary things became special because of You…

  7. BoGum ssi, happy Easter! It's on Sunday service in America, the Biblical text sharing with you "and you killed the Author of life, whom God raised from the dead. To this we are witnesses."(Acts 3:25) witness, you are! May God bless you and keep you all in His tender loving care ✨you has been busy filming 《청춘기록》《Wonderland 》and busy with …and…Hahahh…how busy you are! take care, ok? ummm…must be^^

  8. I will try to be a good friend.. beautiful scenes seeing the youngster friendships, the old couple (I wish I could be like this too), and the girl with her teddy bear friend. looks like he lost his best friend or separated, so he sits alone for photo and remembering the memory of his friend who shared music and give him a doll. bo gum looks like an angel, he is so pure, kind, and bright. I'm sure angel in heaven looks like him lol. btw many people said bo gum looks so skinny here, I become so skinny too even though I still eat much, don't know why I lost some weight, my friend said I don't look good.

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