11-Inch VS 12.9-Inch iPad Pro (2020)


The 2020 iPad Pro comes in two sizes — the 11-inch and 12.9 inch. We explore what differences there are in specs and usability between the two.
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  1. I'm a 2018 11inch owner and just recently brought the 2020 12.9 and torn between returning it due to the rumour of the new mLED/Faster processor model at end of the year. I find the 12.9 to be a tad more useful due to bigger screen for drawing and multi tasking. After using the 12.9 for a week it's so weird going back to the 11 as it feels so small now.

  2. Anxiety attack… dude i was literally waiting for one of them to fall… you were moving those iPad like airplane wings😭 and also neat cause i desperately want an iPad Pro and was shooting for the 12”… and im still am lol as soon as i have $ im buying this ASAP!

  3. Great vid, honestly. I just hate that the 2nd Gen pencil isn’t compatible with the 2nd gen 12.9…. Fuck you Apple

  4. Awesome, thanks. Can I use a USB mixer with the Pro? When I'm using Zoom, what's the screen share experience like, please?

  5. Can’t agree more. Multitasking is a massive selling point for 12.9, as is portability for the 11’. As with everything else, all this based on personal needs.

  6. I ordered ipad pro 12.9 inch because I am a student, 12.9 inch gives me more room to multitasking. Like on one side my textbook and on other side my note. I can see more thing.

  7. Hi, which one is better for making notes? Kindly do reply, i am finding it difficult to choose between the two as did not see them in person, i could only buy online so kind of confused between the two..help me decide 🙏

  8. I'd like to buy one of them but im very confused ): help me which one more appropriate for university and for the watching and reading and drawing and the last thing which one is easier to carry? HELP PLEASE 👉🏻👈🏻

  9. Wow thanks bro. It helps alot. I thot 12.9 were more powerful but u nail it in few seconds of the video. I will be going for 11 inch aa easy to carry around.

  10. just bought a 12.9 inch. i knew i just wanted a huge tablet that could replace my laptop (since it’s almost completely dead now) so choosing between the two sizes wasnt hard for me. thank goodness lol

  11. I just got my Ipad Pro 11" and when I opened it my first reaction was it's so much smaller than I thought. I want to use if for notes as a nursing student with GoodNotes5. Looking at this, it's hard to picture taking notes on this small of a screen. That said, I've never seen the 12.9" version and wonder if that will be too large. I'm torn. I don't want to open it all the way up and put my screen protector on if I'm gonna exchange it for the larger size. I mostly write on my desk so I can't imaging needing to hold it. It will be transported in my backpack so I'm not having to carry it. Has anyone used this app with the 11" and have no issues with the amount of screen space?? Exchanging it along with the already bought case/keyboard/screen protector seems like a pain, but I want to be happy with my purchase.

  12. Unbox Therapy said they are both the same, but for some strange reason the speakers sound slightly louder on the 12.9 inch. It's not like a night and day difference, but the sound I guess does sound better on the 12.9 inch. I just ordered one, can't wait to see what it's like. I'm 30 and I've never owned an iOS device before 🙂 🙂 Going to be weird after being a strictly only Android/Microsoft user for more than a decade lol 🙂

  13. can you maybe tell me if there's a way to make games that arent full screen on these ipad's full screen anyway ?

    i'm so annoyed by the fact that there is a black bar all around the screen in most games on thse ipad's… like what the heck, just because they have these rounded corners ???

    thats messed up !


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