20+ Reactors!! On Fire!! Sanji's Raid Suit!! One Piece Episode 925 Sanji VS PG One reaction mashup!!


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  1. Two things im sure that the suit will have after franky adjusted it is that the germa logo will be changes to the strawhat’s & there will be sensors whenever sanji turns invisible near nami in the bathroom xD

  2. 何回か見る分にはいいけど、サンジこれからガチで戦うときはいつもレイドスーツ着るのかな?

  3. imagine when luffy becomes the pirate king.. i mean his crewmates also have big names

    member of germa 66 stealth black on pirate king's crew
    and the future strongest swordsman?
    i hope nami will also steal prometheus from big mom..
    damn epic

  4. We know all the girls went back after recording and watched the transformation again, frame by frame

  5. Funny how sanjis siblings 𝐑𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐞s on technology and skill to fight all life while Sanji uses it on the first time with no sweat.

  6. Usopp’s face at 6:07 was pure comedy lol XD He was looking like “protect your friends yea right”

  7. Toda esa banda son unas mierdas..
    Me da vergüenza que en youtube la gente vea "reacciones"..
    Que clase de gente disfruta que otro vea un contenido??..
    Son una mierda y por ser una mierda como sociedad es que estan muriendo miles..
    Dependemos dw todos nosotros y me da terror ver que esta es la gente de la que dependo


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