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The iPad Pro refresh is impressive. But does it answer the question?

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24 Replies to “2020 iPad Pro Review: It's… A Computer?!”

  1. 8:50 a track pad next to a touch screen ….(o_0)
    is it just me .. this is retarded .
    using a small multi touch track pad to control a large multi touch tablet
    i think this is also pointless on windows machines …
    mouse support yes… track-pad pointless

  2. Should I buy this or the 2020macbook air? I’m looking for something within the price ranges of both and idk what I want lol

  3. "Whats a computer" Every time I hear that I feel like kneeing that androgyne child in the groin with full force.

  4. MKBHD sporting the other colorway of Dave 2D's Adidas hoodie from his iPad Pro 2020 video that came out a few days earlier. Apple/Adidas cross-promotion? haha

  5. You know that Steve would not be liking this trend of using a mouse with an iPad. I recall him distinctly saying that iPads have a role and Macs have a role. He didn’t believe in the overlap.

  6. Uhm… how the f*ck is "I'm not telling" a valid answer to a question about what consumers are buying? (For the record, I just checked and I do not see it on their store page either.)

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