2020 MacBook Air Honest Review – It could have been great..


After two weeks with our 2020 MacBook Air, I changed my mind…
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In this video, we do a detailed review of the 2020 MacBook air after two weeks of thorough testing and use. We have an i5 Quad-Core model with 8GB of RAM and though it scored really high in Geekbench 5 it has issues when we do various tasks, and especially test Cinebench R20 and Gaming with Unginie Heaven.

We tested fan noise and temps, video editing, photo editing, web use, watching videos and much more and packed a ton of info into our long term review so if you enjoyed it let us know!

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  2. Excuse me, I want to know can I use Macbook Air 2020 an i3 model for GarageBand. Does it work so well? Thanks

  3. i’m a student though, i think the air would be fine? i’m going into theater so i’m not sure though, do you think the macbook air would suffice?

  4. "Okay but nobody said that this was heavy editing" Then why even put the fan in? It's not doing much AT ALL in such a constricted case. There is no excuse for the heat sink to NOT be connected to the fan. It's time for Apple to switch the Air to ARM so it can be fanless. Leave x86-64 on the Pros for a few more years until the ARM macOS ecosystem has matured, then switch the Pros over.

  5. Do you think 16GB option would be ideal, or just go with base model? Problem is, its just really expensive with 16GB option.

  6. So which mean. If I edit and brush the photos which click by my phone.
    And edit the video which shot on my phone.
    It's won't laggy?

  7. So would getting the Macbook Air 2020 i3 (base) be better than the i5 with 512 storage for a college student? Since it's cheaper as well?

  8. even if the quad core i5 had a heatsink connected to cpu, it still wouldnt be enough to cool it i believe, it would need 2 cooling fans.

    Ppl saying to get a quad core to future proof the air laptop…laptop motherboard will die prematurely, better get an i3 and get an aftermarket heatsink if the aftermarket makes one

  9. If you’re a student that doesn’t game then this MacBook is perfect.
    1) Just use Safari instead of Chrome
    2) and turn off turbo boosting and there will be no overheating problems during normal use.

  10. So most dont even use these for full capability. Music, email, web browsing – what is not great? Edit video – get a pro. Doing dev work – this is enough or get a pro – that is the reason for offering different price points and performance levels. Buying lower spec machine expecting top spec performance is simply being unreasonable.

  11. the i5 Macbook Air… 800 dollars specs put in a tiny body that in such a way that due to thermal limitations offer you 500 dollar performance… and this is sold for 1300 dollars…

  12. thank you for answering my concern.i was hesitant base i3 or upping to i5, but now that watching you, i know that it is good to get i3 for the normal use. cheers!

  13. Macbook Air with i5 and 8 GB is very high performance ultrabook. Thunderbolt 3 ports are very fast for data transfer between external HDD or SDD storage devices. Retina screen is also good for eyes if you need to work long hours in front of computer. Battery is incredible; it last more than 10 hours when you run standard applications.

  14. The reason the MBA has mediocre cooling is because it it's using a Y series processors, instead of a U series which is found on The MBP.

    The Y Series processor is designed to function without a fan, regardless if Apple want to add a fan or not.

    If it was U processor, then would need fans in order to function well and are designed for that reason.

    The MBP 13 and the XPS 13 uses U series, and the MBA uses Y series

  15. Could you make a video of replacing the thermal paste, it looks like it'd be really easy to pull the heat sink off.

  16. I orderd the i3 basemodel with 256GB yesterday for pickup at my local store next monday – since I´m out of my heavy gaming time it will replace my 17" MSI Gaming Laptop for my basic daily tasks.
    The MSI (17", 6th gen i7 and GTX 960) with its 120 watts power supply and massive fans is just too noisy even in light usage – I think I will be really happy with the Air as a daily driver and in my office

  17. Hey guys I'm new to Apple. I need a mac book for music video editing and photo shop. Can anyone tell me which Mac book would I need. How much ram. What i5 or i7. Please help

  18. Interested in doing primarily photo editing (lightroom) and just a bit of video (imovie). I am a fairly accomplished amateur photographer and totally novice videographer (77 years old and just having fun). Which laptop/configuration would you recommend with the idea of interfacing it with a high resolution monitor?


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