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Harry Potter 2000’s with Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint behind the scenes with the cast and crew. Director filming a broomstick flying in a castle grounds. DR and RG in a train carriage. RG talks to the director and a take is taken. DR has a the wizard card. we see the take on the monitor. a few takes. A cat is prepared by making its fur spiky they think it’s too cute and need it meaner. The crew eat lunch whilst looking over storyboard plan with the lamp passing a gate
The hairdressing dept discuss Dumbledore. Owl handlers with white barn owl. Artificial snow being spread over a yard. DR then filmed with Hedwig. In a cloister. Classroom scene.
Transfiguration Lesson
The Dursleys’

Credit: Huntley Archives.


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36 Replies to “A very young Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe on Harry Potter set. (2000)”

  1. รอนคือตัวละครที่ผมชอบสุดในแฮร์รี่พอตเตอร์ ❤️

  2. Noone:
    Not even aliens:
    Btw Dan is so weird and it seems like he’s trying to kill me T^T

  3. 3:05 Dans face… 😂
    I thought rupert was psycho and dan is calm!
    this is so wholesome though i love this kind of content
    funfact: i share a birthday with dan

  4. Dan: I got a whip! Looks at camera like he’s gonna choke you to death

    Me: Dan, you have wad way to much sugar- your scaring me.

  5. Honestly these kids were amazing. I'm an adult and I think having to sit around and be poked and prodded that much would drive me crazy.

  6. Dan is that one odd friend you have in a friend group (me😂😭💕)
    Rupert is that one sweet and normal boy 😂💕

  7. 3:21 when rupert is embarassed because the lady told him that he diid something wrong, that's so cute

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