Amber Heard Buys Korean Twitter BOTS to Boost Credibility!!


Amber Heard Buys Korean Twitter BOTS to Boost Credibility!!

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  1. Everyone deserves to feel loved on their birthday. If she has to pay for said love then let her waste her money.

  2. All comments in Korean say: "Happy birthday Amber Heard! Participate in hashtag movement to support this actor, human rights advocate, survivor of domestic violence."

    Odd wording if you ask me… I don't believe she's well known in Korea.

  3. Yes she is!!! They have been around since the petitions started. It pisses me off so much!!! Also you can still comment on her IG stories. I may or may not have went off on her there. 😂

  4. amber heard mother

    Patricia Paige Heard (née Parsons), an internet researcher,
    hummm one wonders; ty for what you do

  5. I think this may have been someone else’s maneuver to make her look stupid, and if you think about it, kind of a genius move to ruin her birthday on Twitter. Her own oopsies and erratic/irrational behavior have opened this door.

  6. It's so obvious, the tweets are like copy an paste an the only time I see any tweet it's like those you've shown, No their all at it she's buying likes if you get me, that's worse than getting nothing.
    Class vid an at least I know I'm not going mad when I'm seeing these. Thanking you EH.👍🏼😘💚💚🇮🇪

  7. Hi Jon I am listening
    I am still subscribed
    I have illuminated the like button
    Amber needs all the help she can get !!
    ( mental heath wise) LMFAO !!!!!!!😄😄

  8. It's not the first time Amber Heard has bought bots. But bots cost money…and Ms. Heard is not going to be able to afford to maintain her image for much longer. Her desperate need to be admired is pathetic.

  9. Shes wasting her money. Let her try everything possible. We're louder than those bots anyway. She looks worse being more and more desparate. Also, if shes trying to persuade public opinion, it's not like we can understand all those characters anyway.

  10. Ok…although I do not like her…enough said. Don't need to pick on her anymore. She has been found out. It's in the hands of the law now.

  11. Wow, well spotted! How much more pathetic can she get.
    You're totally right that social media DO matter, a lot. If they didn't matter, powerful people wouldn't bother to impose bans on specific topics.

  12. Did you hear the story Of Amber throwing jD's phone off a balcony, and A guard had to do a fetch quest with a hobo, lol you can't make this shit up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. She has an additional 900k plus followers on her Instagram in less than 2 days. Sounds like someone got jealous that Johnny got over 3 million(heading towards 4 million) in less than 5 days. Must have been terrible for a narcissist.


  15. Hey, I'm South Korean (well, used to be), and I bet no one has heard of or cares about Amber Heard. You're right, they're definitely bots. I find i especially infuriating that she did something dirty like bringing in foreign bots to shield herself with. I bet she's going to start using criticism against her as "racism against Koreans" or some other bollocks. Shame on you Amber Heard. #justiceforjohnnydepp

  16. i KNEW she was gonna lose her mind once johnny outdo her number of followers! he is rising to the 3.9 millions and it must be killing her!

  17. Pretty damn pathetic she has to hire bots to get likes and comments. She just cant stand that Johnny has so many people standing up for him and everyone has found out shes a psycho, crazy narsasinent (misspelled) bitch. Shes gonna burn in hell. God dont like ugly and shes been very ugly. Her personality and the things she does like lieing under oath. John if she dont get time in jail/prison then our justice system has gone to hell in a hand basket. Smdh

  18. This is freaking messed up like Omg the lengths she'll go to , to believe her own lie and make herself feel like she is important lmfao thanks for exposing her lies keep up the awesome Work Entertainment Hacker

  19. Buy yourself birthday greetings
    … 🤦‍♀️…whether she also sends flowers to herself? Oooohhh surpise surpise 😂😂😂 … embarrassing🙄


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