Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Walkthrough (Xbox 360) – Part 9 – Rolling Thunder


Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Mission Walkthrough – Part 9

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Level 9: Rolling Thunder
Faction: NATO (EU Kits)
Kits available: Engineer

Now armed with intelligence regarding the layout of surround areas, NATO forces send out an Armored Assault team to clear a Chinese tank column to the west that is preparing to attack the airfield. With PLA attack helicopters on standby, the team must complete their task before hostile choppers arrive.

– Destroy All Enemies Who Are Attacking The Farm
– Defend The Airfield From Advancing Enemies
– Prevent The Enemies From Entering The Hangar
– Take Out Forces At The Ruins
– Destroy The Heavy Chinese Tanks To Gain Victory

To achieve a full ten-star rating, the player will need to complete the following milestones by the end of the mission:
– Score: 150,000 points or more
– Time: Completion in under nine minutes
– Style/Weapon Use (amount of hot-swapping): Expert (about 10 hot-swaps)
– Accuracy: Greater than 70% shots hit
– Losses: Less than 16 soldiers on the player’s team died


Game available on: Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360
Gameplay recorded on: Xbox 360


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