Bill Gates explains how vaccines work


Most of us received routine vaccinations when we were young. But how exactly do vaccines work? In this video, I explain the fascinating science behind how vaccines prevent millions of deaths each year. You can learn more about this topic in our 2020 annual letter at



  1. Look it's the Dr. Of Death Bill "death by vaccines" Gates. Don't you have any shame to have your name associated with the death of thousands of children ET AL? You're like a one person depopulation machine. And the thing that boggles my mind is that people still keep coming to get them? Maybe after you've injected millions with your death by Corona vaccine those who are lucky enough to survive will realize you are part of Old Man Bush's Psychotic New World Order posse.

  2. Bill Gates loves spreading Propaganda about his harmful vaccines. Your body's immune system doesn't need those toxic vaccines to weaken it.

  3. All these assholes must be put down like rabid dogs…Why don't you vaccinate your kids with the crap you give people? does formaldehyde ring a bell….No? what about Hg?? You're the same as all the software you develop…useless…Jackass…

  4. Wow really pushing those serums, eh Billy?

    Would there happen to be a very important one coming up? One you and your cohorts REALLY want humanity to beg for?

    We're onto you, Billy.

  5. Id 2020 bill gates is designing a microchip to put in our right hand to pay for things because money is infected with coronavirus. It is the Mark of the beast and will be under satans control

  6. I would love the scientist to inject him and his family… I think he should be the 1st example to people who believe.

  7. Ohh people … please start to think a little bit more…, why is this all happening to us ? Someone wants to control us, people like himself ….

  8. Hey uncle Bill Gates, I lost all the respect for you when I discovered about your Event 201 and turning back the population growth by 10 to 15%.

    I always had a strange feeling how the corona virus started. I have to admit, it was a very noobish coverup story. Hey, can you tell your higher 'shadow' elite friends what their next plan is? Will they launch the nukes and brainwash the media that Russia started a war for the lulz?

  9. Vaccines are the reason why people get sick and die.
    Its is a miracle for people yes but then for those who dont take the vaccin cause those people will live.

  10. Bill, What does not make sense. Perhaps your knowledge can shed light on this. We have people who have recovered from this Corona. Surely it is a simple matter of taking their antibodies and create a cure. At this stage in our evolution we should be able to speedily create cures? Enjoyed you letter thank you. Regards Françoise C

  11. So who creates the virusses? Stop the low live creating the virusses, oohh sorry, youll stop the "big guys" making money fron vaccines, right?

  12. Who really knows if vaccines have really saved millions of lives. There is evidence that vaccines has also killed as many more.
    Injecting an unknown agent into your body, that alters your genes s problematic.
    Switching genes on and off has seen many ill effects like causing cancer later on. Vaccines are patented to keep its contents hidden.
    Vaccines is the next financially lucrative business to invest in, as Bill Gates knows.


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