Boris Johnson tests positive for COVID-19


The U.K. prime minister tweeted a video, telling the public he has mild symptoms and will self-isolate. Video courtesy of @BorisJohnson/Twitter. BREAKING …



  1. Here is a current graph of mortality rates per day, the mortality rate has to plateau then drop off before they even give a hint to opening lockdown

  2. Boris Johnson has NOT tested positive for covid 19………….FAKE NEWS.

    he has tested positive for a coronavirus. Which is more than likely the ;common cold'.

  3. Scare-mongering gone too far..

    You Cannot catch Corona Virus/Covid-19 from a dead body!

    This is how you get the virus:

    Taken from the WHO website.

    "The disease can spread from person to person through small droplets from the nose or mouth which are spread when a person with COVID-19 coughs or exhales.."

    "Can the virus that causes COVID-19 be transmitted through the air?

    Studies to date suggest that the virus that causes COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through contact with respiratory droplets rather than through the air."

    "The main way the disease spreads is through respiratory droplets expelled by someone who is coughing."

    Understand this.. (regarding TB) 'Tuberculosis' can be acquired if the bacillus (residual air in lungs) is aerosolized (exhaled), this is fluid from lungs spurted up through the nose or mouth during handling of the corpse – So, for "Precautionary measures" those handling the body after death should wear face masks in case of the deceased being a victim of Corona Virus/Covid-19.

    Now check this, the same website also states:

    "Are there disease risks from dead bodies and what should be done for safe disposal?

    The widespread belief that corpses pose a major health risk is inaccurate. Especially if death resulted from trauma, bodies are very unlikely to cause outbreaks of diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera or plague though they may transmit gastroenteritis or food poisoning syndrome for survivors if they contaminate streams, wells or other water sources.."


    So why cant you give some of the dead victims of Covid-19 a proper burial?

    Why are you not allowed to see the face of someone who passes away due to the virus? Is it incase the dead body coughs on you???

    Seriously… Theres more to it than this, think along the lines of 'Control' 'Curbing Civil Liberties' 'Curbing of certain rights' & think in terms of a 'New world order'..

  4. Persistent cough? Doesn't cough a single time in over 2 mins, and talks with a clear voice. All these ruling class in America Trump, prince Charles and Boris and hes mates have all been vaccinated and they'll pull out the vaccination when they've culled enough of us.

  5. If he and hes government had stopped all the flights coming in from China and Italy it would have saved many lives, the flights are still coming in till this day.

  6. Dr. Frankenstein, broadcasting on all frequencies if there is anyone out there who is or is not infected with the virus who can read this! With all of their UK SO CALLED EXPERTS THEY ALL END UP WITH THE COVID 19 INFECTIONS? POINT IS THEY ARE NOT EXPERTS! SO HERE IS A LITTLE COVID 19 MESSAGE TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT SHEEP TO THE SLAUGHTER. Improvise, adapt and overcome be victorious! read health line.c o m 15 impressive herbs with antiviral activity and read about anti viral seaweeds www .ncbi . nim . nih . gov biomed research international, antiviral potential of algae polysaccharides isolated from marine source, like laminaria digitata, kombu kelp, they inhibit the virus from developing in your blood cells while allowing immune cells to develop the herbs and seaweeds used together and with modern medicine the virus stops and the pandemic stops, all of the resources are available so don't let a lack of knowledge be our demise! Use the resources available to overcome all adversity. Do you need the lifesaving recipe? everything in moderation! All vitamins are essential including vitamin E for a strong immune system and healthy nutritious food is the best way to obtain them. TO THE POINT IT IS AN ANTIVIRAL, VIRUS INHIBITING SOUP WITH ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE INGREDIENTS BLENDED INTO A LIFE SAVING SOUP EATEN EACH DAY THAT STOPS THE VIRUS FROM ATTACKING YOUR BLOOD CELLS AND IMMUNE SYSTEM, THERE POINT MADE AND THE COVID 19 PANDEMIC ENDS! The kombu kelp a maximum of 80 square centimeters per day per adult only should be boiled separately for 20 minutes continuously to extract 90% of the iodine concentration into the boiling water that iodine concentrated boiling water must be discarded, the then boiled kombu kelp is added to the soup and blended so that the polysaccharides can protect you blood cells from the virus and inhibit it from multiplying as well as the antiviral herbs that also give flavor. If everyone's blood cells had antiviral food added in their nutrition then the virus will die out quickly! and the pandemic ends! ALL OF THE SEAWEEDS AND HERBS HAVE BEEN LABORATORY TESTED AGAINST VIRUSES AND IT WORKS! WE ARE NOT ALL SHEEP! CALL IT THE ANTIVIRUS LIFE SAVING SOUP! Natural licorice candy, root extract, licorice made with aniseed or pure honey will relieve coughing symptoms and alleviate the strain coughing causes on your heart and lungs! eat only to relieve the coughing symptoms not in excess. Oh and drink pure orange juice or fruit juice each day it's full of healthy vitamins! Kombu kelp also called horsetail kelp also called laminaria digitata, grows all year round in locations that are suitable mostly on rock formation at sea water level at low tide always in partly submerged regions. There are many businesses that harvest and sell this life saving extremely nutritious kelp, packed dried and it can also be frozen as some Chinese seaweed companies sell it.

  7. dear pm boris johnson
    thank you for your leadership
    Mabey keep leting people know how your doing even find your self in the hospital

  8. The narcissism being displayed with regards to objections relating to being escorted off ships and placed in hotel accommodation quarantining, "not coping" and not having any of their questions answered and concerns surrounding the elderly, in particular, and the escape attempts, and no one is telling us anything, and everyone is anxious and how do we self isolate, and how do we cope with job losses, and blardy blah blah cruise ship passengers, being put in state of the ART pretty luxurious accommodations, being tended to until the quarantining procedure is finished , it's just such hardship and, the Australian Government won't hear us, and we'll all be doomed, dead in the water, and alarmist , irrelevant "gaslighting" corona virus pandemic tunnel visionary and, panick driven and not of the GET A GRIP and get it done, visionary leadership skills and development PTY LTD, (I'm it's , cleaner) 🙌
    Obviously, these people have been taking too many cruise ship trips afterall, if they're overly concerned, about their current access, to, not being homeless doing quarantining,
    so get a grip and, be thankful for the obvious blessings and resources, and means for reaching out during the self isolate guidelines, and just really need to ,
    think a bit more,
    brave and positive ,
    and certainly more laterally, than they are confessing or crying over.
    I thought all these "traveling" bodies, could handle a , sense of, adventure.
    And time management, so would offer the option, of, utilising the many available openings for finding all the unanswered questions about the greatest fear, and research it online. Check the preferred and reliable news updates, and stay relevant and realistic, to correct and effective processes of elimination, because you have my promise, it's never as insurmountable, as it is being sensationalized.
    But their only seeing it from the single minded seeing, WHEN THEY'RE IN SKY RISE MODERN LUXURY APARTMENTS and ROOMS and just need to,
    stop complaining about it.
    And treat it more trusting they can confidently get through it, as a working process, and see it out.
    And not make it the home based business bodies, and stayers issue.

  9. Who wants to bet, on , the ODDS, of the nudging half a century ago, in 1970, a winter baby girl would be born , and near fifty years on, survived, alive, clear thinking, parent, mum, and not overly perturbed, by all the reshuffling and rethinking in order to be , part of the ART team, involved with advancing our city dwellers, into , country regional spaces.
    Less cars on the road.
    Converting the innermost congested traffic zones, into, walking/pedestrian/stroll zones, but not ridiculously overboard in it, because it's that whole amenities and ancillaries design concept and application thing, whereby, with the relevant and real SPACE or zoning, it's not too hard, to add a bit of a repurposed ballastrade here, and a bit of a brand new wood pergola over there, and a bit of a garden seated spot conversion in this spot, and a bit of a new beaut depth perception artpiece in this conjunction, a bit of shelter rock here, a bit of a water feature there, and so on, and so forth LANDSCAPING savvy and sciences , being enabled,
    the traffic is bypassed,
    the inner city spaces, become country spaces meaning, more room, less people, and the hoons, hoods, and bad driver's licence holders,
    become ,
    faded or phased out.

  10. 🇮🇳🙏🌏Boris Johnson Sir. Get Well Soon Sir & Come Negative Results. Dont Worry Sir We Will Pray For God to Bless U & Ur Whole Family's Of UK (London).
    Let's Pray For God With Together We Can, Together We Win.
    Have A Blessed Day Jai Hind.🌏🙏 🇮🇳


  12. So if Boris and Prince Charles have tested positive that means most of the royal family will have it but why has this not been in the news? Also Boris would have passed it to all his government cronies, like the chancellor etc. Why no mention of that? It's all BS and purely for the media. Wake up people! think, question and be free.

  13. Covid-19 !!! This is a life stage, a test period. They want to infect you with a more brutal-drastic virus! PEOPLE! Let's find the culprits together! Who or who wants to kill people with the ☠️Covid-19 virus !!! ??? THIS IS INTERNATIONAL MASSWATER KILLING !!! ACTION AGAINST HUMANITY !!! ORGANIZE AN INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATIVE COMMITTEE !!! GOAL: Find the creators of the virus !!!



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