Chinese President Xi Jinping attends G20 virtual summit on COVID-19


Chinese President Xi Jinping attends the G20 Extraordinary Virtual Leaders’ Summit on COVID-19. Subscribe to us on YouTube: …



  1. Seriously everyone:
    Please let’s encourage China develop STRICTER INSPECTIONS, rare and endangered animal restrictions, spacing and housing restrictions for animals, and merchant licensing and sanitary education so they can be held seriously liable for the risks and danger they cause to society. Fine them for improper management of their animal inventory! It will be profitable for the government due to fines, it will encourage proper handling and responsibility from merchants and it will be a hell of a lot cheaper than an economical shutdown by making the swift changes needed to make it possible.

    This has been a common reoccurrence throughout history, especially between China and Africa due to the complete disregard by officials on regulations and sanitation. Not to mention horribly inhumane treatment to the wild animals they capture and sell, allowing the urine, vomit and feces to drip into lower animal cages which exacerbates the problems. This is textbook history by now! Over 30k people are dead today all because some merchants are too lazy to sanitize cages, or they’re trying to make a quick buck on selling animals and their body parts for magic blessing, aphrodisiac, fertility and prosperity spells that have no bearing in the modern world where we are intelligent enough to know that crap doesn’t work. Grow the hell up and be thankful for what you have or work harder for what you don’t have! You are all responsible for this. Redeem yourself by making changes so that it doesn’t happen again please. Many lives are in your hands, and it only takes one perfect virus or disease to end all of humankind. Including you!

  2. China should cooperate with the world…and should tell the source of this Wuhan the lives of million can be saved..

  3. Inform to Chinese President Shri. Xi Jinping ,

    I'm understanding .

    I'm also with Shri. Xi Jinping and Government.

    Need a solution .

    Ready to cooperate with every country during this situation.

    My policy

    Corona Air + ( Our chemical on Air ) = Normal Air.

    Is we can use any method like magnetic reaction ?
    ( opposite of attraction method ). , for Virus destruction .

    Care You like there is no hospital.

    Wish You a healthy and Win over Corona Days.

    Only value to cooperation and willing to commit to work together from Research employees / scientists on this field from different countries .
    We need to do anything for the reduction of its power .

    Words of political method is never taken for consideration .

    Video conferencing & video communication method is possible .


    Join in safe place is another option with lab equipments .

    Regards ,

    Ajay Krishna ഭാരത൦.

  4. The very fact of globalisation and international travelling make the pandemics easier than ever. Everybody wants to take their holidays in a different country, gets on international flights, and demands for as few international travel barriers as possible. The notion of the "global village" is not a fictional idea, WE are the ones who make the "village" happen, because we WANTED it. You want a global village, there you have it, but we should also know that every good thing comes with a price: while people can enjoy travelling freely, so does the virus!

    The blame game on "who should pay for the virus" is very silly because we don't seem to understand what kind of world we are living in. You can't just enjoy the convenience brought by modern transportation technology without paying the price for it. If people all agree to scrap all airplanes and no longer travel long distances, that's fine, and that will likely solve half of the problem. But can you? Can you? It's like you want to live in a 10-bedroom 5-bathroom mansion but you complain about the additional housework. You never chose to live in a mansion? Well I'm sorry, but you are in it, and most of the time you enjoy living in one, except for the housework.

    When people argue that China should pay for the virus, we should understand that the Chinese ARE paying for it right now, just look at the effort they are making in saving people's life. There are only lessons to be learnt, and experience to be shared. If we understand that fact that our very demand for exotic holiday and desire for travelling are the fundamental reasons for globalisation and ever more serious global pandemics, we should really stop the blaming, start working together and get the problem solved.

  5. The world should shut off China or make it pay for repeatedly and purposefully spreading viruses such as SARS, MERS, COVID-19 etc.. they are not willing to put a ban on the wet markets, which give birth to such deceases so lets put a ban on the Chinese!

  6. This Chinese Winnie the pooh should be made the first human subject to test vaccine for any new virus that china spreads

  7. The perpetrators of this tragedy are the people, whoever they are, they will be destroyed.
    Those who dragged the world into this tragedy are the enemies of the world, and they must be destroyed.

  8. This is not a coincidence.. this happened after US-China trade war. Most of the cases are from US..This could be his plan to become a superpower


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