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We sat down with Daniel Radcliffe on the release of Escape from Pretoria (coming March 6th) we talk accents, Stranger Things, social media and Daniel also hinted at a potential Harry Potter reunion for the 20th anniversary…. 👀⚡️

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35 Replies to “Daniel Radcliffe On Harry Potter Reunion For Philosopher's Stone 20th Anniversary | PopBuzz Meets”

  1. Who else wanted him to wear the same pair of glasses he wore in the Harry Potter films in public or like in interviews?

  2. harry potter started at 2000 its been 20 years and i still watch harry potter almost everyday till now, is this normal? 🥺👉👈

  3. i don't know but all this time i always want all the cast who ever played in harry potter to join the reunion, like seamus, dean, the patils, krum, and others i think it will be fun if all of them join the reunion

  4. Omd I would die if they did a remake of the first film with better special effects and new people doing the golden trio

  5. “..Dog videos or cool magic tricks..”

    Tricks… right. Say what you like to fool us Muggles, you can’t pull a fast one on me.

  6. to be honest, i'd say daniel was pretty successful even after harry potter, just wasn't like we expected but he did great after it, i thought he'd be a complete flop tbh, but he's a great actor

  7. I will be so sad if they don't have a reunion, I might die . Also when he mentioned that he still texts Tom I was so happy

  8. "And we have Daniel Radcliffe zooming in…" I was confused when he was actually there – a bit of divination there with all interviews being done via Zoom now. 😛

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