Greta Thunberg Is Leading a Global Climate Movement


For hundreds of thousands of young people around the world, Greta Thunberg is an icon. In August 2018, dismayed by adults’ lack of action on the global climate crisis, the teenager sat herself down in front of the Swedish Parliament, pledging to strike from school every Friday until Sweden aligned its policies with the Paris Agreement. Greta’s actions have earned her a Nobel Peace Prize nomination and speaking engagements at the World Economic Forum and COP24—but most importantly, they’ve encouraged students from all over the globe to stand up for Earth and their futures.

This is the fourth story in our latest series, “The Brave,” all about the incredible people protecting our Great Big Planet.


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This story is a part of our Planet Earth series. From mammals to insects and birds to reptiles, we share this great big world with all manner of creatures, large and small. Come with us to faraway places as we explore our great big planet and meet some of its wildest inhabitants.

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  1. Greta and her followers, if they were sincere, they would stop being consumers, they would not use smartphones or ANY other products of the industrial society. Then only they would be thrustworthy. Now they are just hypocrites.

  2. She does not pay attention to insults. Every day they insult her without foundation. She and her movement focus on the goal.

  3. Lol global warming isn’t really thing the things we do effects the planet about 1% she should go back to school ! Search it ! Ask a scientist! What about begging of earth when millions of volcanoes ! Released in the air did the earth die? Did it? She’s gets famous for nothing!

  4. i wonder if she's ever read a book? science? history? can she read a thermometer? does she know what they did to joan of arc? i think it was global warming that burned her alive way back when.

  5. We should go on now EVERY country single one! Kids Students we have a future build up ! We need hope and good future and Parents I know you love ur child and want a amazing and great future watch this well 1 or 3 times and understand shame on you that u are ruining ur child's future and look that teen Greta. Greta is younger and you can't do this like THEM!

  6. We have to listen to 16 year old girl who looks and thinks like 8 year old – or we gonna die. How many people today know ice age is coming, as it always did and always will.

  7. If they are that much concerned these people should have planted trees instead of just shouting and wasting papers in their hand. These much people can plant 1000s of trees a day. She shouldn't be travelling with car. There a lot of people who use bicycle. There is nothing wrong about caring for climate change but just protesting wouldn't change anything. atleast do from your side.

  8. The change is the global government creating pandemics and changing the weather with Geoengineering and GMO foods to create cancers while BigPharma has the patents to all the chemicals and the cures to every disease they create with their chemicals. Scientists are the ones employed to lie to the population and governments to push their agendas.

  9. I wonder people gives attention to some girl saying the we're die soon and gets a platform. While other people have possibly already found the solution to this situation yet no gives a dam crap about it.

  10. us adults should be ashamed really, because its taken a child to put us in order, to make us all understand how stupid we have been, a child telling all the world leaders at not just one summit how they are collectively destroying the planet, making all of them wake up, and Greta Thunberg is right no matter what you think of her,


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