How To Use Zoom (plus Breakout Groups) — Favorite Video Conferencing Platform


  • What if you want to show just the speakers, when there are other participants?

    1. Set up your zoom meeting to have participants' video "off" by default.

    2. Have your speakers join your meeting a few minutes in advance so you can have them show their video.

    3. Once people start coming on, click the "hide non-video participants" button. See how to do that on this page:

  • Can you have someone come directly into a breakout room. We are looking to use zoom for interviews and what to figure a way for the next candidate to join without coming into the previous interview

  • Thank you George that was really helpful. I'm teaching online for the first time and your video was very informative. I'll be watching it again to try out some of the features that I learnt about today. Thank you 🙂

  • 12:54 as a participant and not the host, when i click the mute button on the bottom left, why is it not muted on the right of my name? is that just to show that I"m muted or unmuted, which i have to do manually or what?

  • Thank you,George..This video tutorial was incredibly helpful to get me up to speed to be able to host my first zoom meditation class during the co-vid-19"Shelter in Place". Your instruction was very clear, pacing was perfect, and your manner very light and easy which made navigating this new zoom territory very pleasant.

  • George it was an excellent demo. Really appreciate the details that you provided for Zoom. I'll definitely recommend this Video to my friends. Thanks.

  • George, terrific fast overview. I didn't know zoom has so many features. Do you ever find yourself being asked to support complex or conflict riddled meetings? And do you ever find that having an experienced executive consultant with you or alone in a project, one who could manage the technology and the meeting dialog if necessary? ……. I work with large and small groups of senior leaders and boards of directors and alliances. I've used other programs with complex features and have found that I am able to support senior leaders of ongoing committees, board and executive team repeat meetings, conflict resolution and planning meetings. Typically I have supported a number of such meetings and committees of one overall organization, preparing, creating agendas, managing highly interactive meetings and work sessions, and supporting / managing follow up, minutes, document creation / production, minutes, and action plan management.

  • hey
    wanted to have a party on the 1st of April
    wanting to do it on Zoom

    could you guide me on how I can do the same

    would like the music to play in the back ground so that a few people in a a breakout room can do karaoke while the others can hear live music in the back ground.

    if I can move people from one room to the other. or even better if they can chose which room they want to go to
    await your response.
    Its going to one of its kind events if you can make it happen

    incase you would like me to call you can do so

  • Hi can i use a softphone software and also zoom conference at the same time when i answer a call on the soft phone i can mute myself in the zoom group chat without muting the entire PC so i can continue with a call? or does the mute button mute everything?

  • Thank you for the informative tutorial. II am a college language teacher in Japan, and we have just been informed that at least for a few weeks we will have to teach online using Zoom–which I have never done before. In language lessons we do a lot of pair work and small group work. With Zoom, is it thru the Breakout groups that I would organize the students into pairs and/or groups?

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