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iOS 13.4.1 and iOS 13.4.5 Beta 1 has been out for a few days. After using iOS 13.4.1 and iOS 13.4.5 Beta 1 for a few days I go over the resolved issues, bugs, iPhone SE information, battery life, performance and much more. iOS 13.4.1 seems to be pretty stable, but does still have some issue. Expect more about iOS 13.4.5 later this week. #iOS13 #iPhone #Apple

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:32 – My Experience and issues
01:54 – Battery Health
02:30 – Battery Life
04:13 – Performance
04:37 – Performance on Older iPhones
05:22 – Known Issues
05:49 – Your experience
08:20 – Your battery life
08:38 – Statistics
09:03 – Community Poll
09:40 – Comments
14:11 – iOS 13.4.5 update and iPhone SE
14:50 – Conclusion
15:00 – Wallpaper
15:13 – Outro
15:34 – End

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43 Replies to “iOS 13.4.1 and iOS 13.4.5 Beta 1 – Follow Up Review”

  1. Just started noticing this today, YouTube consistently crashes on my iphone 11 running 13.4.1. App reloads and the video i was watching needs reloading

  2. Hi i using smart battery case for the original iPhone X , before the last update 13.4.1 i have 87 % and after 2 days 86 % but the last night (yesterday) 84% i can’t understand what’s the problem … thanks for videos I’m Muhammad and I’m following you from Morocco.

  3. Zollotech damn it my battery on 11 pro max isn’t close to what it was after updating to this version. I’m still getting decent screen on time but barely lasting thru the day. Before, I was getting 40-50% before going to sleep and could make it 1.5 days. Same usage and everything. Im pretty sure Apple ruined battery on this device from these newer updates, closer to iOS 14 release. Wish I never updated. Tried factory resetting and hard reset. Doesn’t work

  4. my battery runs fast even though im not playing any games and just on wifi mostly browsing. also becomes noticeably hot.

  5. iPhone 11:- Battery charging has gone down since the update, especially via wireless charger.
    Charging is going well via traditional charger.
    Battery health is 100%

  6. The 13.4.1 update has broken alert notifications for all my reminders on my iPhone 11 and iPad 2019. Also, reading emails no longer marks them as having been read. I have to manually mark each email as read. TERRIBLE update!!

  7. Nice to meet you, I am a Japanese reincarnation. I watched this video this time. Question, is it possible to jailbreak with IOS 13.4.5beta1? I am waiting for a reply

  8. I’m upset bc my Pro Max battery is at 99% when I got this phone on December 26th
    It’s only April 14th…
    I swear my iPhone X made it way longer before dropping
    I only charge my Pro Max once a day n I slow charge it 😭

  9. Somebody help me please. I bought my iPhone 11 last November and today its battery health is at 96%. I just don't get it because I have other friends with the same iPhone and bought the same month and they have 100% capacity. Another friend has had the iPhone XR since May 2019 and has 96% battery health, is going to be a year since she bought her iPhone XR and its capacity is at the same level as MY NEW MODEL PURCHASED 5 MONTHS AGO
    It don’t know what to do…

  10. Hi Aaron, I’m using XR ,I have the same issue with VOWIFI I thought the issue is with the carrier as I tried different routers and different ISP , but I have a specific problem when during call my signal goes off and comes back again this is happening more frequently.

  11. I have to buy a new iPhone since my iPhone 7s WiFi and Bluetooth buttons went bye bye. Thinking of buying either IPhone “9” or iPhone 8 or iPhone XR. Which one should I buy? Give me recommendations!

  12. My 2nd comments on battery 13.4.1. I have a 5th gen iPad (2017) while watching this video battery went from 67% to 62%. Little steep don't you think?

  13. Battery has been absolutely horrible!!! Since I updated on my 5th gen iPad to 13.4.1 I can literally watch the batterydrop. I've web surfed and watched several 10min podcast this AM and only have 67%. Normally it would be in three 80s. HOW can I downgrade to 13.4 ?

  14. Mail is still messed up on MacOS too, so fed up apple isn't fixing anything with these updates on the Mac. Not sure if you noticed how screwed up the new iTunes apps are on the Mac also? iTunes music app on Mac when I add new albums of music they will show up fine as a complete album one day but a day later it splits the songs up into 2 or 3 separate parts. So cover art will show 3 albums with some songs in each.

    Then the tv app on Mac, so broken in so many ways. Still doesn't match the iOS/iPadOS app for iTunes Store. Even episodes don't match up. I would buy an episode showing in the tv app on Mac but then it would download a completely different app from what I bought. Or how the tv app only shows seasons for sale, no complete seasons which you will find on the iOS app. Like I just bought Wonder Woman original tv series complete series but only because I added it to my wish list in iOS since in the store there it shows complete series but on MacOS in tv app shows only each 3 season to buy individually.

    Even when I just bought this and go to my purchases in the tv app it only shows one icon for the complete series and doesn't show each episode I bought like it used to. Its just so incredibly and frustratingly broken. I've contacted apple about it but nothing is still be fixed. I always have to keep going to iOS to look at the iTunes Store and add things I want to my wish list so then I can see them on MacOS to buy later since trying to buy anything in the new tv app on MacOS is so full of headaches and frustrations. Often doesn't show even extra episodes that show on iOS.

  15. Yay! I have 86% battery life on my iPhone X after two years! If only I could replace the horrible at&t lte modem.

  16. I am having an issue after an update where my wifi disconnects again and again and i need to reconnect it or Also when i turn on my LTE, it doesn't work.

  17. Hi Aaron, iPhone X and still having Bluetooth issues, particularly with a OBD plug for my car. It is supposed to connect top the data plug and this connects to the app. I have to jump through hoops switching bluetooth off/on, shutting all other apps off the screen before this data plug will connect. Been this way for sometime, even got a new plug but still a problem persists. VW blame apple, but no other bluetooth item has this problem.

  18. I downloaded IOS 13.4.1 the day it was released on my iPhone Xr. Today my phone was running perfectly until this evening where I am experiencing frequent unexpected reboots. Are anyone else having these issues and what about you Aaron? my XR is a relatively new phone and I've had it 10 months. Its currently running at 100% capacity with a normal peak performance.

  19. Same issue whit WiFi calling. It tends to cut the conversation and have to turn off the WiFi on my Pro Max

  20. It almost seems like Apple doesn’t really care about their mail app. I mean it’s their app and it is constantly a mess. It’s so bad that I have NEVER used it. I did try it out when I first moved from Android (iPhone 4S) but I’ve been using the Gmail app ever since. I wish it would work because I’d definitely use it if it was as good as the Gmail app.

  21. My iPad Pro 2020 gets stuck while multitasking. Latest public software installed. Sometimes the screen gets stuck while changing from portrait to landscape or rotating the iPad

  22. Yeah the mail app is still has its problems thats why I use the yahoo mail app from the App Store it’s way better you can look at your subscriptions and unsubscribe to them and look at your gmail account and I want you to show off the iPhone 11 more during these videos

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