iOS 13.5 is Out! – What's New?


iOS 13.5 is now out to everyone on iOS 13 supported devices including, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. iOS 13.5 brings new features for contact tracing, FaceID, FaceTime, Music, fixes to mail and more. In this video I cover all the new features, updates, and fixes that come with iOS 13.5 and go over battery life and Performance. If you were wondering if you should install iOS 13, now is the time. #ios13 #iPhone #apple
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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:09 – Supported devices
00:20 – Size
00:28 – Going from the Beta to a Final
00:55 – Build
01:07 – Modem
01:22 – VPN issue
01:40 – New Features
05:57 – Bug fixes
07:15 – iPad OS 13.5
07:39 – Battery life
08:49 – Performance
10:14 – watchOS 6.2.5 watch faces
10:38 – Future iOS 13 versions and iOS 14
11:28 – Conclusion
11:40 – Wallpaper
11:53 – Outro
12:15 – End

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  1. Sir can you please put the links for the wallpapers in your videos, I think many people would like that.

  2. IPhone 7Plus Can you telling me about problem u see on IOS 13.5, After Install is it still getting overheating very fast or wifi issue still there or battery drain?

  3. I’m on 13.4.1 with my XR. After weeks at work wearing a mask my Face ID now opens even with my mask all the way up. I started by registering it with the mask covering half my face. Like I said this took a few weeks but it does work.

  4. I installed iOS 13.5 yesterday and my battery discharged overnight from 100% to 10% while not plugged in. Checking the battery condition showed the camera consumed the power. But it was not left turned on.😤

  5. It take longer to charge up when charging with my power bank after the new update. But normal when using power supply

  6. I watched the whole video and don't even have an iPhone. LOL, gotta stay up to date so I can help family that owns it.


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