iPad Pro 2020 Review


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Back in 2018, Apple didn’t just do what they’ve usually done with new iPads — make them thinner, lighter, and faster. Well, yes, of course they did, but they also did something more. They made them modern, with smaller bezels, Face ID, and a new, magnetic, capacitive Apple Pencil.

Like with the iPhone X, it was a once-in-a-decade revolution. So, now, some 18 months later, we’re back to evolution — a wider processor, a second, wider camera, an intriguing new LiDAR scanner, and, coming this May, a full-on new laptop mode thanks to a new, scissor-switch and trackpad powered Magic Keyboard.

So, how far has it come in 2020?





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  1. I'll do you one better: Why's a computer?! (Kidding!) What Apple's done here is take the concept of the post-modern mainstream computing appliance (iPad) and retro-fitted it with the trappings of tradition pointer-based computer that nerds like myself have been twitching for. It still needs some software to go with that (Xcode, Final Cut, Logic, etc.) but the hardware and interaction models are now fully formed.

  2. Literally iPad pro 2020 just same as previously generation ,, this year just new upgrade in iPad Os which is support magic mouse 2 and trackpad

    It's worth it called iPad Pro 2020 (S) not new at all

  3. Dear Rene. I own an iPad pro 12.9 first gen from 2015. I probably charged it at least 1000 times. It’s still good, it’s still working perfect. When is it normal to upgrade? (I usually upgrade my iPhone each 3rd year) Please please answer.

  4. What ever you do with your iPad athome is your business.

    Personally, I can’t stand people using the iPad as a camera in public.

  5. I will wait and see if the rumored one coming in the fall. Is coming because if I’m gonna spend that much money I want to make sure it has the latest chips as well as latest 5G not because I need it but because it’ll be more future proof and hopefully it’s got that new screen

  6. I love Marques’ reviews for all things tech, but there’s something extra crispy about Rene’s that just… 👌🏻

  7. Nice one Rene! Really liked the mantra of upgrading. Rene, doesn't even bother to get a new one for the review, instead uses his 2018's model, uses montages, some more comparison babble & voila! There you have an "iPad 2020 Review"! 👌😁

  8. I have said this before and I'll say it again. Apple dropped the ball by cancelling plans to put quantum dot tech in the last iPhone, and they've done the same here with the iPad. This close to putting in actual revolutionary tech and they passed on it.

  9. Cursor support does NOT work with the first gen Magic Trackpad. – It just sees it as a generic pointer device, not multi-touch


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