iPad Pro 2020 UNBOXING and Hands-on Review


Unboxing, Setup & Hands-on with the new 2020 iPad Pro from Apple. Plus an AR look at the new Magic Keyboard.

In this mini review we’ll answer all the questions you sent it. What is touch & mouse support like on the new iPad? Should you upgrade? iPad Pro vs MacBook Air? Is this the iPad for students? Is the 2020 iPad Pro your GadgetMatch?

The 2020 iPad Pro is available in two sizes 11 and 12.9-inches. In this video we unbox the larger of the two. They start at for $799 and $999 respectively and start shipping next week.

CORRECTION: Title Card should say iPad Pro not MacBook Air


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  1. I was disappointingly surprised☸️☸️>JustU.Faith/iPadProo?斬   with the delivery, as it was left unannounced (no doorbell ring, no delivery confirmation text) in the rain at my front door, when my garage door was up and it could have been left in the dry.

  2. 1:55
    Is that cable normal for you guys? I'm not used to seeing that type at all…
    Why are those metal things flat??

  3. Really great explanation! But I’m still can’t choose to buy which ipad. Either ipad pro 2018 or 2020. I just wanna start a business, just a small business. If using phone some of its my limits me. So i think I should get this ipad. But can you help which is better for a newbie like me?

  4. Such an informative vid… perfect for all kind of person, as a student, content creator, a office worker, nor a normal living person. You’ll got it all here in this vid. Thanks a lot GadgetMatch for realizing my mind to have all of apple gadgets soon as i get decent income and to become a future content creator. Hod bless you sir.

  5. Plz do vedio on which i pad is suitable for student,office n other .it will really gonna help me coz i dont wanna spend that amount of money what casual i pad can do..


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