iPad Pro (2020) Watch THIS Before You BUY!


The 2020 iPad Pro is officially announced! But without Apple holding a March keynote, there are a lot of details you need to know about like the new “A12Z” processor, the new dual camera system, the new LiDAR sensor, and of course hidden details and the brand new Magic Keyboard with trackpad.

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  2. Just sent back my freshly bought 2018 iPad Pro today. Decided to buy the new instead. Should I choose the LTE one or the Wi-Fi one? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance:)

  3. The only big upgrade I’m wating is OLED… IPADPRO 2018 12.9 1TB 6GB LTE USER… I Hope 2021 model will be oled so this time I can upgrade…

  4. Would you recommend me to buy an ipad pro 2020 or the macbook air 2020? Could the ipad pro with the magic keyboard totally replace an laptop or not?

  5. why not wait until the device is actually released to put out any videos? why would I take your advice to purchase or not when you haven’t even held the device in hand? clickbait

  6. My thought process with this is I really want one, it looks awesome but the cost of turning an ipad into a laptop is so much that it makes you think about what you could get for the same money, and on ebay you can get used imacs or mac minis or windows laptops. Just for the keyboard. it's annoying because it looks awesome.

  7. The big question about an iPad is how good are the cameras? Are you kidding? The rear camera on an iPad is practically a gimmick. Even with AR you don’t need super high quality.

  8. Apple have been really slow with innovation since Steve passed. If they just speed up iterating maybe they could have got here faster. The iPad is FINALLY moving in the right direction. Apple have been asleep at the wheel for the last 6-7 years.

  9. Initially I planned to get the ipad pro 2018, but now with the new ipad pro 2020 released, I know is not worth for ipad pro 2018 user to upgrade to ipad pro 2020.
    But as someone not a ipad pro user yet, should I just get the ipad pro 2020?

  10. Question,,I saw some from best bye stores,,release date,,March 25,2020 price,$1499,99 1tb 12.9 screen
    What’s the difference if. Any between Best Buy and amazon other than price,,Amazon,,$999,00
    Can anyone help me please?😂😂😂😂

  11. You can give the old one to apple and buy the new with discount on it. Or you can buy the old refurbished for 550$. I bet in september they release the next one

  12. I’m ok with my 2018 iPad Pro, I just want the magic keyboard case that’s coming out in may. I’m so glad it works with the 2018 version

  13. The Mrs and I just bought 2 of these yesterday. Both of us have very old tablets and figured it was time to upgrade and we’re both excited to see how they’ll make both of our careers more efficient. My wife is a college professor, and with everything moving to an online format, this with the pencil will make grading a lot easier for her. I’m an electrician and I can’t wait to see how the new LiDAR will help with site walks. That and all the work orders I usually have to print, fill out, and email back to the office…. all in all, it’ll cut down on paper usage in both of our fields.

  14. Buy the New 2020 IPad Pro…the 2018 iPad Pro has an ancient Processor…The A12x can Only handle Watching Movies, Maybe Email, and Very Casual Internet Browsing. Maybe casual 1080p video editing but that’s it. The A12x in the 2018 IPad Pro is Ancient and out of Date don’t buy it…it should be retired and discontinued.

  15. I have a 2017 iPad Pro and I think I'm gonna hold on to it until they make an iPad that's a real computer replacement.

  16. Nice job… For me the extra camera on the back is a waste. I can count the times I've used the camera on my iPad pro on one ✋ hand.

  17. I purchased an iPad Pro in 2018, bad decision. The screen quality is terrible. The OS is terrible. Everything requires payment. No apps for coding. Not a computer replacement *for me *. Has apps which allow remote access to your home PC but can't use home PC's keyboard shortcuts. It's basically an overpriced faster ipad with a higher refresh rate screen at the cost of screen quality (they still use LCD over OLED). Youtube doesn't play in 1440p. I definitely won't be upgrading my mistake to the 2020 version considering it's exactly the same. I will be going for the Microsoft surface line next time at least it will have a fully functioning OS where I can download anything and install any program.

  18. Don’t buy the new iPad Pro, wait for the September event as a new iPad Pro will come (5G and a14X chip, probably not mini LED)

  19. The keyboard’s all I care about, seeing as I own the 1 TB 2018 iPad Pro, and while the Logitech keyboard works great, I’d rather not be tied down to Bluetooth.

    Now if Logitech comes out with a Smart Connector keyboard for the 2018 iPad Pros for around $199, then I’ll switch to that as the only complaint I have with the current one is that it’s Bluetooth only.

  20. Only thing I’m interested in is the cpu speed and ram… Wonder how it compares to 3rd gen iPad Pro. And for those wondering why (like some will), Virtual instruments and Audio Plugins at low latency requires a very very fast CPU paired with a good Audio Interface. The iPad 3rd Gen is hanging there but with moderate settings.


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