Itaewon Class #SwoonWorthy Moments with Park Seo-jun and Kim Da-mi [ENG SUB]


Kim Da-mi shows us that good things do come to those who wait—after years of pining for Park Seo-jun, #SaeroYiseo will only have sweet nights from now on. 🍯🌙

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  1. It's all You.
    I've watched a bunch of dramas after IC
    But I still can't move on.
    This drama is pure perfection. I Don't think I'll ever feel this way about any drama ever .it gave me anxiety,happiness and excitement all at once,it made me question my life my existence and the ppl around me.This drama is realistic to a point that will make u believe that love , happiness, success and real friendship can all be found if we just believe and work hard for it.

  2. I dont like watching only the romantic parts of this story because that wasn't the main aim. I love the real story so much this just seems like a side thing

  3. What a lucky guy who get a women like Jo Yi Seo in real. A women who trust you, invest in you, help you in all situation and most important love you a lot of her sincerely heart. I hope one day I will found one for me.

  4. This is the best kdrama i watched so far…PSJ hits me so hard that when he's angry i felt his rage, when he's sad i couldn't help but cry and when he's happy i really am overjoyed. Superb acting.

  5. I love everything in this video!! I miss SeoDami soooo much! No new content 😔 I’m having a hard IC withdrawal huhuh.. I wish to see SeoDami in another series or movie..Their chemistry is insane even if they have limited romantic scene from the movie. One of PSJs best drama ever, and KDMs performance was spectacular too!!♥️♥️♥️

  6. why im little upset sae ro yi didnt end up with soo ah, i know in the original webtoon soo ah isnt with sae ro yi too, but i love them when they build the story together as a old friend and soo ah is sae ro yi first love, when sae ro yi meet her in itaewon after being jailed, what a beautiful moment, dont @ me its just my opinion chill

  7. if she was a guy I would probably fall in love with her right now 😀 A perfect character to capture a girls heart

  8. God the osts for this drama are so perfect! I think it's thanks to them that certain scenes and moments are so emotional and perfect

  9. Itaewon is the first ever k drama I watch at first I thought k drama Is ugly but after i watch this i like it

  10. Owh. Who's gonna wish for another season 2?? 🍑🌰🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️ It's the beginning of there love story 😉☺️


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