Jannie Pretend Play with CUTE Guitar Toy and Sing Kids Songs


Jannie pretend plays with her cute guitar toy and sing songs with her family music band! Jannie and Auntie were playing with Jannie’s guitar toy and suddenly it broke! They go to the store to buy a new one. Uncle Tim ran out of guitar toys and asks them to try out a drum set instead. Jannie didn’t like it that much and tries out the microphone and sings a fun song. Uncle Tim comes back a guitar toy for Jannie and they go home and play with it. They don’t know how to play that well, so they called over Uncle John the musician. He comes over with a funny costume and teaches them how to play instruments. Uncle Tim arrives with his drum set and they all wear the funny costumes and sing a bunch of nursery rhyme songs together. They sing the family finger song (Jannie version), Oh, Mr. Sun, and The Wheels on the Bus!

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