Johnny Depp & His Late Mother Under Attack! | Amber Heard Strikes Again!!


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  1. Let me know what you think!

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  2. This goes a lot deeper with the house. Sooo many factors. I don't think he wanted the house. What's sad is IF he took a loss, which I don't think he did. He did have to slash the price, but he still made half a MILL.
    I appreciate your videos. I appreciate YOU!
    But media LIES. Please check with the fans on Twitter to get info.
    They literally read EVERYTHING, the Bill of Sale for the house, ALL Court documents.
    There is a campaign against JD in the media.
    This stuff is so deep & convoluted you CANNOT start reporting accurately right now. I have followed this for 4 yrs & have a enormous team of Depp fans feeding me links to Court Docs. For 4 yrs.
    At least read British GQ article. That's JD's words.
    So much misinfo. On the other hand, at least you aren't bashing Depp. He's been through enough.
    Much love to all♥️♥️

  3. I sent him a “thinking of you” card and got back a Captain Jack Sparrow card from his Spanky Taylor address. It looks like he signed another something because the etching is there, but it could just be a seal or something. I wanted him to know we’re all thinking of him and in his corner. 🙂 as a fan, I never want to see him sad.

  4. I would have settled for just using him for sex … forget the money .. ooh lala. And I have not been intimate for over 3 years. It would be worth my abstinence.

  5. He gonna buy that house back hes sold it b4 then bought it again so im assuming he will buy it again and it was most likely sold to a friend …

  6. The JUDGE said no trial now
    NOT JOHNNY. People were all over the World to fly in & he wanted them THERE. AH doesn't pay her legal fees!!! ACLU ( Elon Musk is the biggest contributor). represents her.
    That's why they are terrible attorney's.

  7. Not only is Amber Heard a nightmare to Johnny she is also a nightmare to everyone who has ever suffered through domestic abuse. All of the world events right now is not going to distract away from her crimes.

  8. Yes. He sold it for cash. But that doesn't mean he's broke. Rich people buy multiple homes and cars becuase theyr investments. Gotta sell some asssets to pay for shit. This is the way of wealth.

  9. I read about this earlier. I wondered at the time if (when 🤞🏻)he wins his court cases if he would buy it again for the third time or just let it go. Losing a parent changes how you value property. It does send a clear message of how desperate his situation is. I hope he not only wins both cases but is vindicated in the eyes of the world.

  10. I'm wanting Karma to sweep Heard completely away. I hope that this experience doesn't completely put Johnny Depp off ever loving again.

  11. He had family members living in that house after his mom died they were basically mooching off of him and using him he does not have a close relationship with Some of his family he was basically supporting them they were not working and taking care of themselves they were living off of him and he wanted it to stop

  12. The Sun is a shite newspaper and if as we expect Johnny Depp is found innocent the sun newspaper will just accuse him of something else, because that is what they do.

  13. It is illegal in the United States for an adult to physically harm a partner in front of a child. It is actually a federal offense.

  14. I think that it is revealing that, at a time in his life when he was obviously vulnerable, so many people took advantage of Mr. Depp. He discovered that some trusted family were being very generous to themselves with his money. He discovered that his Managers were outright breaking the law, and had used so much of his personal funds, that he was in financial trouble (and they had, without his knowledge, taken out a mortgage on this estate…then DEFAULTED on the payments, and the bank was about to foreclose.) In essence, he discovered that the people closest to him, that he trusted to do what was right, had completely betrayed him. And then Amber Heard. This could only happen to someone who believed all people were fundamentally good.
    Who is surprised that he went through depression? It is a testament to the human spirit that he survived. Luckily, he still had a core of very devoted friends, and although Ms. Heard had removed them, as much as she could, from his life…as soon as it became apparent what had happened, they closed ranks around him. Mr. Depp is the type of person who inspires great personal loyalty. He is not an ostentatious person, he is the friend who will show up at your door when you need him, and will do everything in his power to help you, and absolutely no one will ever know.
    Mr. Depp did not come from wealth. What he has, he has earned. Most of it is protected in Trusts for his children. He has given away a great deal more than what he has kept, but it is his privilege to keep that secret. He now has good people around him. The real cost is that he will never trust in quite the same way. He invested in a large amount of property, all around the world, and this has kept a portion of his money safe. That said, he owns an island that was hit by a hurricane, and property requires upkeep, and with his children getting older, I think you will see more properties go on the market, as he streamlines his life to a new normal. (He sold the Penthouse Apartments in the Columbia Building, where Ms. Heard and her friends lived, right after the divorce.)
    Somewhere in all this he has found peace in the fact that this story is bigger than he is. He is just a human, who was being domestically abused, and no one knew. But, if he puts his name to this, he becomes every human in a domestic relationship who is abused. The Narcissist doesn't care about gender–everyone abused by a Narcissist understands what Mr. Depp has gone through, and is going through, and will continue to go through (because Narcissistic abuse fundamentally changes you). And if it can happen to him, then it can, and does, happen to people all around us. We must always be aware, always be ready to give assistance, if we even suspect someone is being abused. If it takes Johnny Depp, a deeply shy and private person, to open his personal life to the world to effect a change in people's perception, he seems to be OK with that.

  15. I think maybe he sold it cuz she threatened to go after it out of spite and he couldnt bare seeing his mothers home to be in her hateful hands

  16. She brought nothing to the marriage except for abuse..and walked away with his good reputation and his money… I still believe she only said she would donate the money because she was trying to bait a bigger fish..she had Elon sniffing after her. What better way to make it seem like u don't care about the money and u want nothing to do with the man that "abused"you..than to say u will donate his millions you didn't earn ..she was chumming the water trying to catch a billionaire.

  17. He has been trying sell this property for years. At one point it went to auction, but 1.4 million offer was declined.

  18. Hi Tristan I am listening
    I am still subscribed
    I have illuminated the like button
    Lawyers and Divorce cost lots of cash as I Said in our Justice system a man is automatically guilty and has to pay out his Ass to prove his innocence.
    Been there Done that and I Don't want to discuss how much it took from me personally and it only took 13 minutes for a jury to find me not Guilty but at a Great cost. Hence Red pilled ( MGTOW) and I Have the T- shirt

  19. Johnny had put that house up for sale years ago and than decided to take it off the market. The reason he put it up for sale was because his family was spending so much of his money while they lived there. He wanted it to stop.

  20. Gonna just throw this out there. Selling a property that is unused and has a lot of overhead to keep maintained, makes sense as well as producing some cash flow for these sad litigations. Hoping for this guy's sake this all can be resolved and his name cleared as soon as this monster is virus can be corralled. Right now he is being responsible but being called a coward by Heard's team. As a health care worker, They are losers, in my opinion and, Johnny is the class act.


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