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Whenever we hear word “equality” in indian society the first thing comes in our mind is ‘man’ and ‘woman’ but no one really cares what’s going on with our transgender community or we can say LGBT community.
In todays generation of tiktok and youtube,people make fun of them like there is nothing as such exist for them and they are just born to be humiliated.But now as cases of their humiliation increasing day by day someone have to take a step in their protection and the time have come to support them.
Support LGBT,Support Humanity


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  1. Guys Mai khud chahta hu ki Carryminati ki video jald se jald wapas aa jaaye. Ham Kosis krenge Carryminati se baat kerne ka. Joya Tripathy Jee ko hamne saare facts bataye the jispe unhone ye response diya. Agar possible ho toh video ko share kare so that we can talk to carryminati as soon as possible.



  2. ye lavde ka baal justice for danish k nam se pehle bhik leta tha saalo se ab youtube vs tiktok k naam se bhik lena shuru kr diya

  3. See everyone has a choice on how to live
    The main problem is double faced people like amir (tiktoker) who uses this community for their own benefits

  4. aade ko to youtube vs tiktok
    ka pata bhi nhi…

    bus china ki app hi unistall kardo….
    mere dadag ne bhi ese hi dekete kar di

  5. I have a thought
    Jo log tiktokers ko chakka and all bolte hai…unka bolne ka jo bhi matlab ho…they are hurting LGBT people…i think hum aabse tiktokers ko tiktokers hi bolenge…and we will use this as a slang…roast karo…replace this chakka word with tiktoker…
    Spread love not hate
    But tiktok KMKB
    ab jo aake bolega k…tune maa ki gaali di to bhaio…dekh lo company ko gaali di hai aur company ki koi maa nahi hoti…✌️

    One more thing…she is really beautiful…atleast she has more face value than many tiktok girls…to jo bhi face value k naam par kuud raha hai…soch lo…duniya tumse kahi jyada khubsurat hai

  6. Congratulations bhusan 💐💐💐💐
    Bahut saare Subscriber mil gye.. ab channel ka name badalkar apna name rakh le.. aur danish topic ki video delete kar de.. aur abb sirf apna video daal you're YouTuber💐

  7. Salute to people like you. U guys are really working hard for society to accept you and Literally from past 2 years I have seen you are been accepted in society ❤️. I hope one day you guys get to work just like transgender are working in high profile jobs in bankok

  8. Mai th fan ho gayi inki😍. She is soo beautiful. Her hair,skin and her attitude is so amazing. She is so well spoken. She knows what she's saying and it means she is very smart. I feel like watching the video again and again only for her. #justiceforcarry #20mforcarry #bringcarryminativideoback

  9. 1. Thinking any publicity is good publicity is stupidity. Amir's own stupidity projected CarryMinati into YouTube's history. Ajey's victory came at Amir's expense. He thought he could simply tag along the fame by having a single big ass youtuber notice him and roast him so he would get engagement. Haha. In the process, he personally attacked many big YouTubers. It backfired big time.
    2. Tiktok content creators are never keen on improving their methods. While on YouTube, there is clear diversity on the same concept. There is always an improvement from the previous iteration of the concept. The reason no one had sympathy for these 'tiktok stars' is just the proof. Viewers pay you with their time. There is no free lunch.
    3. Talking about Cyber Bullying. Procuring Ajey Nagar's number through shady sources, directly calling him on phone out of the blue without formal intimation is cyber bullying of the highest order. This Salman Khan Style antics work well for Sallu. Not for tiktokers who need support of bigger platforms. We all know for a fact that Salman Khan himself is isolated in Bollywood and no one likes to cast him. Good luck to Amir with his showbiz career. No one wants to be associated with a man of shady integrity like this.
    3. Continuing the rant on victims of cyber bullying and LGBT, I think it is only a means to deflect attention because he clearly lost the game. If I am insulted I can speak for myself and dont need anyone to speak on my behalf. The worst part is that this guy is trying to play someone else's victim card, because apparently he realised his mistake in an afterthought. #loser. He is cheaper and pettier than we think he is.
    4. 99 percent of big youtubers I have come across never talk about money or call out other youtubers on money matters with such lack of dignity. Many of them I have literally seen them grow since they were kids, and deliberately halted their careers to pursue what they are doing now. They went through depression and financial shit. Their earnings from YouTube have always been puny, except for unstable brand endorsements. There is not a struggle that they faced casual TikTokers would understand. When Amir insulted them about making money, exactly what else did he expect..? Obviously it shows Amir lacks class, and has sealed his doors to sit beside or collaborate with any YouTuber with an ounce of self respect. When they say TikTok is cheap, they have a reason mean it now. Spitting on the same plate you're eating in. Hehe.
    5. Here is a guy who cannot properly do a spellcheck while publishing a video. Here is a guy who barely proofread his script, reviewed his editing, or invested in disciplines that make TikTok a better place. He rides on peoples sympathy and he likes to be associated with sympathy and victimhood. Who really respects him with such such trappings..?
    6. Editing your skin tone to make yourself look fair is subliminal racism, which this guy has got it in loads. He calls out other people for body shaming. People living in glass houses basically throwing stones.

    And you threaten the world with suicide? That IS bullying.
    Shame on you, Amir Siddiqui. Shame on you.

  10. Sister wese bhi 200 wala diolog osne iski aukaat ke baare me bolaa tha amir ne BAAT ghooma KE LGBTQ ke upar daal Di.

  11. My sister supports LGBTQ community even after being straight.. because she believes and made me believe that they are humans too and everyone has there rights to live there life's in there own this fellow amir Siddiqui is just taking unfair attention towards him..just to get some sympathy after he being roast for his own nonsense talks..this was in my mind but as a viewer we don't have that weight in our voice that anybody can listens to it ..this video was a total sense.. appreciate this someone is coming out.. stepping up and appealing the mass..❤️❤️

  12. I watched your interview on odia TV..You are such a inspiring person..So much respect to you and every other people of your community. Even after all the things u go through because of us people u rise ❤ they say U people are crazy not to able to identify urself but I think we being so called straight people have lost our sense of mind and humanity. Sorry from all the straight a**holes


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