MacBook Air (2020) Review


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  1. It’s probably hard to keep pumping out tech vids in the current climate when a certain virus is on the minds of most. Please keep it up, it gives people something to take their minds off stuff for a bit, and look forward to when it all eventually passes. 👍

  2. So before the 2018 iPad Pro's debut, I was sold on the idea that my next computer was going to be a MacBook Air, but then iPad Pro came along… – I didn't bite at the 2018 iPad Pro, because I wasn't at all convinced, but by the end of 2019 I was fully on board. I'd watched countless videos of people showing their workflows. Everything from simple note taking to video editing, the iPad Pro excelled at. – So I found it amusing that the iPad Pro and the MacBook Air both got an update at the same time. Forcing a decision on my part once again. No one would have a problem if I was going to buy the core i5 MacBook Air base configuration, right? Of course not. It's a great computer for the average consumer…. And it's $1300. – But tell people that I'm getting the new iPad Pro with the keyboard in May, and everyone loses their mind. Yelling at me for paying $350 for a keyboard. But to me, it doesn't seem so crazy. Yes, it's an silly expensive accessory, but consider this… IF, I put my $1300 towards an iPad setup, because I love the iPad life and the App Store. I will spend about $1350… For that I'll get a better screen. 2 additional speakers, 3 additional mic's (Apple Studio mic's which are better than the ones on the Air). A better front facing camera to go along with it. A floating design, that allows me to remove the display whenever I want. A more powerful computer, (the current iPad Pro is more than 4 times faster than the Air's new i5 processor). And, 2 rear cameras, that I'll probably never use… And, get the same great keyboard experience I would on the Air. – If you look at it together as a complete package, not just a tablet. Rather my next laptop, which I am. It doesn't seem like an absurd amount of money to spend on a laptop.

  3. If only apple put a LTE/5G cellular option on their latest MBA/MBP lineups, that would be the ultimate portable working machine. No need to depend on wifi anymore.

  4. RENE- How long did it take to export this 4K 10 minute video from Final Cut? How long did it take to render? I’d appreciate this info.

  5. Did he just say he wished MacBook Air had left right power ports on both sides?Don’t you just enjoy pulling the cable around your MacBook Air? That’s the only I mean “only” reason I am not going to buy MacBook Air.

  6. The 25% more volume and 2x more bass is compared with the NON-RETINA macbook air. Check the "3" FINE PRINT right after their "2x more bass" claim.

  7. It is a nice improvement to the MacBook Air. I however need more power. My 16-inch MacBook Pro will do fine for now.

  8. I think Apple only includes a 720p camera because FaceTime only steams at 720p, so having a higher resolution would be pointless

  9. Nice video Rene! Looking forward to the upcoming videos this week. Thanks for providing a great outlet during these tough times. Wishing you good health!

  10. Not an Apple fanboy, never used Mac OS for any real period of time, but this new Air is coming compelling. The way it's built, specs, software optimizations, all pans out for the price.


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