Meet the Cast of Extracurricular [ENG SUB]


Get to know the stars of EXTRACURRICULAR as Kim Dong-hee (ITAEWON CLASS), Jung Da-bin (MY SASSY GIRL), Park Ju-hyun (A PIECE OF YOUR MIND), and Nam Yoon-su write their profiles and take us through the hashtags that describe them best! #theyaresocute

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  1. bro gyuri’s character is annoying, why take someone’s phone. For whose benefit. there was no justification for her actions

  2. Why no one say Nam Yoon Su looks kinda similar to Rain/Bi? 😂😂😂😂 I am just saying

  3. i just finished 반의 반 and jisoo was sooo beautiful there and she is here with quite opposite character with another jisoo 🤣

  4. I just wet my pillow watching the last episode. 😭😭😭 This is a must watch series. All the actors did their role very very well. Congrats! 😍 😍 😍

  5. i know the three of them (donghee, dabin and yoonsu) from webdramas, it was my first time getting to know park juhyun but she already got my eyes on her 😍 may these 4 actors got brighter future and succeed in their life 🙂

  6. Am i the only weird fan that noticed gyuri and jisoo wearing the same blazer and twinning? <333 yea? <333 i love park ju hyun and dong-hee <333

  7. Drakor paling menjengkelkan tp jg bikin penasaran,,tokoh utama cupu yg bkin betah krn ada park Ju hyun jd dd gemes cantikkk bgttttt 😘😘😘

  8. I came here about 10 mins after I finished the series wanting to find the OST cause damn the music in this was good. But I came to this video cause damn this acting was AMAZING. I commend all of them for pulling of such complex characters in such a complex situation with all these dangerous and scary emotions


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