Nord Stage 3 – All Playing, No Talking!


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Chris Martirano gives a killer performance on the Nord Stage 3 keyboard.

Want to learn more about the Nord Stage 3?

The Nord Stage 3 is Nord’s flagship keyboard, combining piano, organ, and synthesizer technologies in an instrument with a user-friendly, performance-oriented interface. All three sound generating sections can be used simultaneously, with three slots per section for sonic flexibility. The Stage 3’s Piano section provides 2 GB of memory for the Nord Piano Library’s grand, upright, and electro-mechanical piano samples, while the Synthesizer section features the Lead A1 synth engine with support for the Nord Sample Library. The Organ section offers tonewheel and transistor organ models, along with rotary speaker simulation.

The Nord Stage 3 is available in three configurations: Stage 3 88, with 88-note fully weighted Hammer Action piano keybed and digital drawbars; Stage 3 HP76, with 76-note weighted Hammer Action Portable piano keybed and digital drawbars; and Stage 3 Compact, with 73-note semi-weighted organ-style waterfall keybed and physical drawbars.

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  1. 😮😍🎹🎹8:08 great piano sound👏👍😁🎹🎼🎶🚴🚴🏾‍♀️🚴🏾‍♀️🚴🏾‍♀️

  2. Great Keyboatd and great interpretation,very complet and versatil,thank you for upload it,regards from Argentina.

  3. One hell of an instrument played by a really great musician. If you’re undecided after this video you had better stick to your Casio.😳

  4. Man, how many hours I spent playing that Brahms intermezzo.
    Doesn't sound anything like an acoustic piano, though.

  5. May not be able to play guitar "Maybe you can but my guess is no lol" with those massive hands but you can sure rock those keys. Makes this guitarist want to learn keys and justify buying that sweet machine. Great demo!

  6. Wow, not only are you and the keyboard amazing, but I absolutely adore this songwriting. This style is intoxicating

  7. Does anyone know the Instrument at 9:40, that plays in his left hand? Its this really funky clavinet thing. On the screen it says "Clock Keys" but I have tried it on my Nord and its something completely different. Somebody please help, I wanna play this so bad!

  8. Nord- This thing honestly sounds like shit. This is really no better than my Nord Stage Original, and to be honest the more I listen to it the more I think I need to sell it.

  9. I sold my first Nord Lead 1 about 30 years ago because it sounded to digital. Tried a 2X and sold it also. And still, those Nords sound to digital. Put a Novation Summit aside, and you will trash the 'red beast'

  10. Sir, this is 88 keys and I guess they are heavy. How is it to play fast synth work or repeating a single note with 2 fingers?

  11. You know that Nord very well and playing is great too.
    I got the same piano 4 weeks ago but I need some time to use all these possibilitie.s. But the Grand Pianos are meanwhile beautiful enough


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