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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is reportedly in “grave danger” after having to undergo surgery, according to CNN. The outlet cited an American official with direct knowledge of the situation. Reports suggest Kim, at the age of 36, has had a heart operation. A known chain smoker, Kim disappeared from public view for weeks in 2014, and needed a cane to walk when he reemerged. Any truth to him being in “grave danger” would have a huge impact on a country that has been led by the Kim family dynasty since Chairman Kim’s grandfather founded the nation in 1948.

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36 Replies to “North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is in a serious condition after surgery?”

  1. 😈😈This is for the ones who want to laugh😂😂 goodbye🤚🏻 and celebrate🎉🎉 when Kim Jong Un dies.

  2. Kim jong un was going to become the next Fidel Castro! Fidel Castro will always be a legend 🇨🇺🇰🇵

  3. What if China and north Korea had knew about coronavirus and kimjongun committed suicide for people to forget about coronavirus so China can redo coronavirus

  4. There is no god except Allah.
    Only islam is real.
    North Korea will be a Muslim country one day.

  5. After he dies let’s raid and kill of the rest of his family and make North Korea America because why not

  6. That heart surgeon who conducted his operation…realized that he was heartless and kept a rock inside his chest cavity to cover up the gap….maybe that idea seems to have gone terribly wrong …RIP Kimchi !!!

  7. Different political system in north korea but i don't agree there been Dictate. We need to Change our political vews and definition of democracy. We have destructive democracy and democratic illustration.Some Dictater rule in the name of democracy.

  8. Eat like a pig will die like a pig ….his people eat organic grasses barely survive…will be another live size statue next to his grandpa and papa …if his sister still in power and if not all that pictures and statues will be disappears…lol

  9. Imagine being the surgeon operating on Kim Jong Un how stressful knowing that if he dies on your watch his blood is on your hands. His sister would have them executed

  10. Well …the whole country is a place of so much of secrecy & easily can figure out what deadly tyranny can do to people now as far as kim' s health condition well tyranny always staff us with lies then it's better to wait because later on the story can turned to be completely different however in this video he looks suspicious sick but didn't fell to the ground either until now it didn't happened .


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