One Piece Chapter 925 Review "Calamities Gathered!"


What are your thoughts on any of the following:
◾️ If Perona will reunite with Moria
◾️ The Return of Moria and if he’ll joing the BB pirates?
◾️ Blackbeard’s Bounty
◾️ Shutenmaru declining to join the alliance
◾️ The revealing of the last two calamites

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  1. dude all moria has too do is say yes….join them and in the middle of blackbeards next fight (or one during the day) just steal his shadow. instant one hit KO moria just sucks. (disclaimer) the darkness fruit might be able to make a room with no light to protect him from the sun but it would still limit what he could do movement wise and if moria just put blackbeards shadow inside him he would get a stupid power boost instantly,and get away leaving teach to the shadows the rest of his life.

  2. How did I miss something like that? (Black Beard's bounty) Did I just skip over that page? Did I not read it?

  3. Honestly I hope moriah teams up with Luffy during wano I know he wants to get back at kaido big time and teaming up with Luffy is the only way he can back at him

  4. Is it just me or the weight acting is dressed and of looks like he could be a member of like he grungy Glam metal band 15:49

  5. I honestly love your descriptions Tekking.. I miss the manga panels a lot but it hasn't diminished how enjoyable your videos are. I truly hope you remain an entertainer for life dude.. you have crazy skills and I cannot give enough praise.

  6. The three calamaties along with shiryu may have been jailers of impel down and kaido was caught but escaped and took the three calamities with them. King the fire, jack the drought, amd queen the plague may have been given their titles before kaido since theres a connection with Shiryu the RAIN, and the outfit match


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