PS5 DualSense Controller New Details/FAQ. Developer Praises PS5 Over Xbox Series X? – [LTPS #408]



What a busy week! Sony gave us our first look at the PS5 controller, the DualSense! And since then, we’ve learned a few extra details. So let’s go over those, while addressing some other concerns. Then we have the social media blowout, Phil Spencer talking up Series X, The Last of Us Part II clips leaking online, MORE Silent Hill rumors, and even a developer praising PS5 a little too much? Don’t worry, we got it all here. Even the step-child that is PS Now. Sad to refer to it like that, I know. But I’m just saying what everyone’s thinking.

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  1. There might be two controllers a pro that will have back buttons. You have to be Naive not to realize that back buttons will be there

  2. A cpu that is 3% and a gpu in real world performance of 5% better arent going to lead to anything like ps3 vs x360. Plus that ram issue with xsx will not help it in the long term at all.

    What ram problems well for 1 it will only have 10gb for games. But its so much faster, yes but it is still limited to just 10gb. If it tries to use anymore than the system will crash due to running out of ram or the entire system's ram will operate at 330gb/s. When you mix ram you either dont have access to all of it (take a look at video games pc they do not use the system ram they use vram. And trying to share the ram just makes the game performs like ass cause that vram is not operating at your systems ram speeds. The reason why it could crash the system is due to the difference of speed. 560gb/s vs 330gb/s is 230/gb/s times this by 10 and the remaining 6gb of gddr6 that xsc has does not cover the loss if this is mishandled. Mixed ram does not operate at 2 different settings. You want ramnto be as similar as humanly possible and the faster ramnis always underclocked to match the slower ram. In this case that 10gb of 560gb/s wouldnoperate at 10gb 330gb/s.

    Plus not to mention that ps5 is not limited to this restriction. It can use 10gb, it can use 11gb, 12gb, 13gb or possibly even more. And whilenit is slighly slower it has more ram that can be utilized at once. And while xsx 10gb speed is roughly equal to ps5s 13gb of ram if ps5 can use 14gb then it is better by default even in speed. 14gb of 480gb/s just processes more raw numbers than 10gb of 560gb/s. But again this isnt fully correct as ps5 can use more than 10gb in parallel while xsx needs to finish out 10gb of info first.

    Then therenis the massive difference in ssds which no matternthe situation is always in favor of ps5. Even with the better compression technique if they do try to compress that much it still does not add of to the uncompressed number of ps5. And doesnt get anywhere near its compression number.

    So what is the overall value of 3% cpu, and a 5% gpu performance? If you think its a lot lol. No its not.

    Now if you are wondering why is the cpu only 3% better well thats due to the fact that of xsx cpu wants to preform better than ps5's then it needs to have ht on. And when xsx has ht on its at 3.6ghz. Ps5 ht is always on. That 3.5ghz number ps5 has is with ht. Expect only xbox exclusives (well console exclusive since all of their exclusives is also on pc) will ever utulize that 3.8ghz number or that 3.8ghz number is used for bc only or as well. But multiplatform games will require xsx to have ht on or it will perform worst than ps5 versions of games.

    Do you see why on paper specs isnt the end all be all? Real world performance always trump on paper.

    At fiest glance xsx looks superior. In practice it will be trading blows with ps5 and its gamws will only be minutely better running or looking at best whereas most of the time itnwill be extremely similar in performance and looks. Meanwhile ps5 will be loading in the games much faster wont have ram restrictions, better audio and has access to the dualsense if devs uses its features. All of which pushes gaming further in revolution. Ms didnt focus on revolution. They focused on evolution only. Sony did both.

    Now could i be wrong here? Its possible. I mean that 5% real world gpu difference is based on similar specs on pc and notnthese two gpus themselves on the deditcated hardware so that 5% difference that was constantly measured could be closer to the on paper. But thats the ony real caveat. Everything else is based on knowledge of how pc components work and simple math.

    And people who really understands comouter components know this. Not the would be tech tubers or gaming channels who constantly say they dont know hardware and then spout bullshit. Cause they saw a higher number and went wow. Not actually thinking about what those numbers actually mean.

    Mark Cerny really tried to explain this. And yet it went woosh right over so many people's heads.

    There is a reason why devs keep singing praises about ps5 yet no one is really talking about xsx.

  3. Sorry but phil spenspen is not one of the most openly honest person. He lies left and right and is genuinely full of shit.

    We dont believe in sales all of last gen. Before thar is was all about sales. He was also 100% onboard with xb1 initial plans of being a drm cable box that can play video games. And now he believes they can win? But win what? He has stated he doesnt believe in the console wars. So what is he talking about here?

    He also likes people to believe that xb1 has bc to x360 which it does not. Those are fucking ports of games. When you recompile a game it is not the original game. It was indeed modified.

    The only people who should be buying the Xsx are people who completely refuse the idea of pc gaming. If you own a pc all you generally need to do is getting an rtx card and you will be gaming on par with xsx. Plus you will have access to all of MS' games as well as pc games. Why wouldnyou waste money on xsx? That is what fanboyism is. When there is a viable alternative that gives you more yet you ignore it or you basically double down.

    The only ways to play playstation games is either streaming which will only getting you older titles plus you are streaming so not ideal or to buy a playstation.

    To play every game on the market now and in the future you only need to have a pc, a playstation and a nintendo product. Buying a xbox is literally a waste of money. But hey its your money to waste.

    I mean why do you think there was a raise in pc gaming and a fall in xbox gaming? Cause xbox gamers just migrated to the pc cause they can still play xbox games without owning an xbox.

  4. Should we trust someone's word who works at Crytek, though?… It's not like they make the best or most optimized stuff… – I mean, remember Crysis??… It wasn't just hard to run, it was also not very well optimized. And that's working with high-end PCs, even back then.

  5. 2:30 Bethesda wants you to forget about a lot of things; They want you to forget that any of their games exist so that they can re-sell it to you. They also want you to forget their failures.

  6. Love xbox I'm glad ps4 user finally get a better controller (no offense but I think the one they currently used was bad just my opinion)

  7. Ppl are fucking retarded. They are not gonna put back buttons on a retail controller especially since there are a lot of casuals who actually have lives who play PlayStation

  8. Mic slot directly in the centre, should of been like this on Dualshock… Hopefully the altered triggers feel better as the dualshocks are awful. Surprised not to see extra buttons as the gaming community has become so competitive, people are at an unfair disadvantage with all the third party controllers. They should be wanting to put these small companies out of business for how much they charge. Its possible to use your left & right index fingers to press the top of the middle touch pad on a dualshock so extra buttons in these places with easier access would give 2 new buttons. This is mainly directed towards Fortnite because the whole cross platform play has put people at an unfair disadvantage & Fortnite is FREE to play on PS

  9. The controller looks so fucking good, I’m not a big spender on consoles themselves but as long as we know that trophies are staying, ima get the console day one

  10. Already hating on Xbox just buy your ps5 I’ll buy Xbox don’t care if Xbox one lost it already had the best controller and I don’t really play repetitive games like god of war never been my thing and if Japanese don’t buy Xbox it does not affect me all there games are trash you move 30ft you talk to anew not for 5min so boring. Yes I like shooters and action games metro, dead space, dying light and halo bf5

  11. I’ve been WORRIED about Sony something seems weird why can’t we have honest open discussions instead of deflecting to Microsoft

  12. Don't care what it looks like especially. It had better feel right in the hands. It looks like they've made it into the shape of the X1. I don't like the X1 controller. I have the Elite controller and I never got used to it. The grips feel too big while the whole controller feels too narrow. I also much prefer the PS4 analog sticks. It looks like they may have shrunk them and made them like the X1 sticks. I'm a bit worried. If it does end up like that I hope we can use a PS4 controller on it.


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