Ps5: The Price Leaks Are True


PS5 has released preliminary pricing that appears to be very exclusive for only a select few retailers. The Sony corporation hasn’t made it official yet, but then how is it possible to have real price info? Find out!

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With rumors heating up about the PlayStation 5 since the GDC event in mid-March, the price of the console may have just been leaked. That’s right, we may have stumbled upon the price of the next generation console and it could be surprisingly cheap! Let’s take a look at how much the console might set you back.

According to reports, PS5 pre-orders are coming in at only $559 Canadian, which roughly converts to $396 US or £318. That’s much lower than we expected and could allow Sony to do some damage in the upcoming console wars. Think about it. The Xbox Series X is rumored to cost around $500, so if the PS5 sells for $400, that could undercut Microsoft’s extremely powerful console and allow Sony to widen the gap between them and their rival even further. It’s all rumors though and it’s possible the PS5 will cost more than it does to pre-order. It’s possible that Play N Trade Vancouver Island doesn’t know how much the console costs and may ask for more money at a later date. That seems more realistic, but we sure hope the leaks are true and the console is actually more affordable that we all first thought.

There’s much more information we need to share with you about the PS5 price leaks than just that so enjoy the video, let us know what you think about the price of the upcoming console in the comments section below and don’t forget to subscribe to TheGamer for more gaming content.

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  1. The leaks are TRUE, but you end the video saying… "How much do you think the console is going to cost…" lol.

  2. I googled and it said that the ps5 will be 400-450 dollars. I reccomend u give it a few yrs for the price to go down so then your not wasting money.

  3. Clickbaiting trash vid.
    Sucks because alot of the info was informative… Still, someone else could have this useful info and NOT lie and mislead. DOWNVOTED


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