PS5 vs Xbox Series X – FULL Comparison!


PS5 vs Xbox Series X – CPU, GPU, Memory, Storage, Features & More!
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  1. Now that we know the FULL specs of the PS5 & Xbox Series X, I wanted to go into some extreme amount of detail and highlight ALL the technical differences between the 2! 😊 Hope you guys enjoy it!

  2. If your gamer and you love gaming there's only one thing you can do in a situation like this purchase both.

  3. SWEET breakdown of specs. But if Sony can claim 10.28 TF's MS can claim 14.5 TeraFlops. WHY? PS5 has 36 cu's and XBOX SX has 56. No software trickery changes a 40% deficit in actual power from compute units. Sony is claiming 10.28 from a maxed out gpu. The XSX gpu will likely clock higher also in games that need it.

  4. Xbox Series X is like Halle Berry…PS5 is like Kate Beckinsale…Both so HOT it doesn't matter which one you get…You're still the winner. Oh…and for the dude who gets both…He becomes a God.

  5. did you notice how blue light takes over most of the green light? that is due to the frequency of blue light, it is denser than green in the law of physics.
    your welcome fanboys!

  6. I'm happy for both generations at this point as us console players this is a big step up to both companies

  7. Tbh, I don’t know much about team ps5, but most of the games people are going to play is going to be 3rd party.
    You really not gonna play cyberpunk, the upcoming witcher game, and bf6 or cod? Seriously 😂

  8. I will buy the ps5, mainly because I already have a high end gaming pc so I wouldn't have to worry about losing out on exclusives for the new Xbox. Whereas if i bought the ps5 i wouldn't be able to play those exclusive titles.

  9. The faster performing ssd and controller module make the ps5 the better choice. What's the point of having a faster cpu/gpu if the console can't retrieve the information stored at a faster rate

  10. Is it just me or did this guy just try to show that the gaps in performance are smaller but actually show how much bigger they are with his demonstrations. Plus he said Sony will be bringing next gen gaming first because of no xbox exclusive games for 2 year, then show a next gen game on xbox that looked amazing. Can't help but think he's abit salty that xbox has smashed this battle.

  11. I have never bought a PlayStation in my life it this yrs console for sure getting ps5 the Xbox no new games for 2 yrs what the hell no wonder ps4 gets all the new stuff first for call of duty cause they must be a better system after this they are

  12. 2:25, wrong. Most games run off of a single core, not hyperthreading technology.
    3:04, its not going to be that loud to begin with
    4:56 why do you agree? the 2080 ti runs at a lower speed than the 2060 yet outperforms it??

  13. Just for you lil Xbox nerds that alway says Xbox is more powerful you do know that ps5 pro will be better then the x just fyi and we get better exclusives


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