Raid Suit Sanji MIGHT Be COMMANDER Level? – One Piece (925)


One Piece Episode 925 is here and Raid Suit Sanji is showing out and flexing on Page One but there’s a crazy twist and also, could Sanji beat a commander?

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  1. Sanji has become a very troublesome opponent, his speed n power was increased n durability .
    Law became a fanboy instantly. Sanji is probably one of the most dangerous characters in the Arc right now

  2. Sanji waited til Page One thought of Sanji 100% as Soba Mask so they’d stop destroying the city.

  3. I thought they were going end it with Sanji's wrecking star kick to Page but he's a tough sob. And that king scene probably a foreshadow?

  4. Lol… Sanji with a powerup couldn't defeat a headliner. While Zoro defeated a supernova with half ass effort.
    Sanji really needs to train for 2 years straight to even compare himself with Zoro.

  5. He left because the town would get destroyed, he said it ( the town can't take much of it ) so its not that he ran, but he thought about the people.

  6. The raid suit definitely enhances Sanji. He was just testing it and seems like he didn't even use Armament Haki or any of his powerful moves. I wouldn't praise the invisibility. I think it will be ineffective against top tier opponents because of Observation Haki.

  7. I just assumed Sanji bodied him when he fell from the sky. With a heel kick most likely and it KO'ed him. That's what I'd assume from the manga considering we never saw pg1 again

  8. Diamble Jambe would`ve downed that reptire for good I guess. However I cant see him defeating any commanders yet, except the likes of Snack

  9. Also, I think Sanji can move that fast on the ground consistently. His speed in the air was a bit lacking. I think the raid suit boosts his speed in the air.

  10. I think Sanji stealth mode is introduced as equal power to Shiryu of the blackbeard..
    Sanji vs Shiryu in the final battle

  11. I think that Sanji and Zoro have the most room for growth through this arc. Zoro has shown us more dragon based moves but nothing we know for sure he learned over the time skip. Same with Sanji besides hells memories. I feel like, especially with Sanji, we will see new techniques. I'm still in the mind that he's gonna show kama kempo at some point and potentially with the raid suits fire resistance a blue flame.

  12. “The thing is with the raid suit, I mean the shield is great, and it gives him a bump in speed. But it doesn’t offer anything that…oh shit” 😂


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