The Best of Richard Clayderman



Track list for this album:
00:00 Hungarian Sonata
03:16 A Comme Amour
06:34 Mariage D Amour
09:15 For Elise
13:29 For My Sweetheart
16:24 Jardin Secret
18:37 Ballade Pour Adeline
21:17 Love Story
24:21 Green Fields
26:56 Black Bird Flies
29:13 Turkish Rondo
32:34 Romeo & Juliet (A Time For Us)
34:53 Concerto Pour Une Jeune
38:37 Winter Sonata
42:11 Right Here Waiting For You
45:58 Invisible Love
49:27 Can You Feel The Love Tonight
52:39 Love Is Blue
55:37 Boulevard Des Solitudes
59:21 The Sound Of Silence
1:02:36 Gemini
1:05:48 Yesterday Once More
1:09:03 I Have A Dream
1:12:12 Top Of The World
1:15:20 When You Tell Me That You Love Me
1:19:55 Serenade
1:23:06 Moonlight Sonata
1:26:34 Lemon Tree
1:29:50 Woman in Love
1:32:19 Les Derniers Jours d’Anastasia Kemsky
1:35:37 Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You
1:38:55 Fall In Love
1:42:03 I Will Always Love You


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  1. 40 years ago i love your piano playing, it's my love friend sleeping. Now year 2020 i'm 63 yrs old still listening, hope you and your healthy and your family are all the best love you "clayderman" from THAILAND.

  2. My dad used to listen to Richard Clayderman every Sunday morning. Now I listen to him with my daughter while I study.

  3. Какая красивая и трогательная мелодия нашей любви.😊 Благодарю за душевную музыку любви.😊 Вам.😊 пожелаю только счастья и любви в Вашей жизни.

  4. Tôi thích và rất yêu những tác phẩm này . Nghe mà như được tâm sự vậy … tuyệt thật !

  5. (~很蘊詠。很值得聆賞。。百聽不厭。愛不釋手。讚賞不已。美不勝收!~特別的推薦之。祝福。很平安。很喜樂!~。)。😀🤩😘😛

  6. Que ..Exquisitez. Cierro los ojos y un mar de emociones se remueven dentro de mi alma .el cuáles se desbordan x mis ojos


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