The Godfather Guitar Tutorial/Lesson/Instructions with Tabs


00:00 Introduction to the Godfather
00:31 Channel the Godfather
01:04 Discover the Music with the Audience
01:56 Bars 1-8 – Melody Line Only
03:07 Bars 9-16 – Melody Line Only
04:26 Use of Harmonic Minor
05:15 Distinguish Between Melody and Background
05:50 Bars 1-16 – Michael Performs the Melody
06:35 Harmonizing a Melody
07:00 Bars 1-8 – Complete (Melody and Background Together)
07:55 Bars 9-16 – Complete
08:47 Bars 17-24 – Complete
09:43 Bars 25-32 – Complete
10:16 Bars 33-40 – Melody Line Only (Use of Passing Notes)
11:02 Bars 33-41 – Complete
11:32 How Do I Use a Diminished Chord?
13:04 Taking Advantage of Resonances and Overtones
13:38 Bars 42-49 A-Part (Version 2)
14:37 A-Part Variations (Personalize the Music)
15:28 Ending in the Easier Version
16:00 Virtuoso Performance (the Advanced Version): Explaining Classical Guitar Tremolo Technique)
17:57 Bars 58-65 with Tremolo
18:26 How to Practice Tremolo
21:04 Bars 66-73 (A-Part Version 3)
22:18 Bar Chord over 2 Frets (Two Frets with One Finger)
22:43 Bars 74-80
23:07 Tremolo Over Two Strings – Explanation
25:11 Bars 81-End
26:34 Become One with the Music (All You Need is the Godfather Look)

Easy to follow Godfather video lesson for beginners and advanced players. Learn one of the coolest guitar arrangements ever with step-by-step instructions. If you are searching for great online guitar instructions look no further!

Full Performance:

Learn to play it yourself with my easy-to-read sheet music and tabs: :

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  1. Beautiful arrangement and explanation…,Mr. Marc when you play chord arpeggio at the same time (for example second Bar first chord notes in your Arrangement for Godfather)after you play Bass note,you play other notes with starting i m a or a m i with arpeggio ? until yet I played the later is it right?

  2. Thanks Marc, you are born to be a guitarist. Tutorial for Once Upon A Time in the West would be great for the next 🙂

  3. terrific. you are obviously very talented and have included easier bits for people less talented than you. Is it possible to demonstrate Mona Lisa (Nat King Cole) or Chaplin's Limelight. Thanks again. Michael

  4. Thank you Marc for an awesome tutorial! Would you please consider a tutorial / tabs for the whole Godfather Suite – the Godfather waltz / The Immigrants from the same movie? Happy to pay too!


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