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The 2020 iPad Pro honestly isn’t very much better than the 2018 model, so what’s Apple’s master plan with this year’s iPad Pro? Watch to find out!
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Apple’s 2020 iPad Pro has received a total of 7 changes compared to the 2018 iPad Pro. We go through the significance of each change based on my own personal opinion.

We also go through why these changes matter in terms of Apple’s master plan.

We then take a look at why Apple would release this updated 2020 iPad Pro when there are rumors of Apple making a much better A14X-packing Mini-LED display iPad Pro later this year.

And finally.. we reveal what we think Apple’s master plan is and what product they actually want you to buy the most.

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35 Replies to “The Honest 2020 iPad Pro Review..”

  1. Do you agree with what I think Apple's master plan is? Comment your thoughts on the 2020 iPad Pro below!
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  2. He said that the jump from 64 to 128 is small but then say a few minutes later says it’s a lot better idk what he’s trying to say

  3. I hate my tab s3, it's slooooow, my wife mentioned getting me the ipad pro for my birthday and I really hope that she comes through, because my tablet sucks.

  4. it’s math bro. my 2018 12.9 ipp was 1500 CaD. now i can only trade it in for 380. so basic upgrade would be 1200 bucks. this isn’t even worth 300 bucks.

  5. Why do guys feel the need to upgrade every time apple releases something? If it ain't broke or slow.. keep using it

  6. Is apple releasing another ipad pro in September ? Please let me know because i want to buy it ! Unable todecide wether to buy it or wait for the rumoured A14X ipad pro?


  8. Well, it's not just only about a Wi-Fi 6 router.
    Gigabit Internet is supposed to be installed beforehand so that the internet speed can bump up and
    transmit through the router.

  9. It is a lame upgrade. I upgraded this from iPad Pro 2017 and it does feel like a big improvement. At least now I can use gen 2 pencil.

  10. The reason to release it is simple. Some of us still have an iPad Mini Retina. And basically a free iPad was direct deposited into my checking account. We have to do our part to support the US economy after all… I think I've waited long enough to upgrade.

  11. Just wanted to help society by saying that the game at 3:48 is Vainglory and it's the best moba on mobile, no lies

  12. This guy is my favorite gadget reviewer EVER! Awesome speaking speed. Intonation is perfect. No bragging. Love from the Philippines!

  13. Excellent review. Best one I’ve seen so far. Very thorough and honest. New sub from UK. Gonna stick with my 2018 iPad Pro and just get the new keyboard in May.

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