THE PLATFORM (2020) Explained


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In the Netflix hit horror film THE PLATFORM, prisoners in an elaborate vertical facility watch as inmates above are fed and the lower levels starve. Learn all about the true meaning of the film’s plot and ending, along with breaking down lead character Goreng’s journey and its surprising connections to Don Quixote.

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  1. What if the main character actually died in a certain part of the movie? Think about it. At the last level with the child the room didn't get hot or cold when they kept the food. He goes into the abyss, maybe moving on? Also the platform goes up super fast how would the child survive? The child would die from impact of the platform moving so fast. Towards the end it didn't seem logical. Also the woman stated that the lady didn't actually have a child so maybe his way of moving on was to find the child?

  2. The movie is interesting, but the social message behind it is based on a false premise. Real world resource distribution is not a zero-sum game unlike the platform with a limited amount of food. Just because somebody like Bill Gates has a lot of resources, doesn't mean that those below him have less, in fact the opposite is true, because Bill Gates created a company that provides employment to so many people and so many people have the ability to use his products to make their own resources.

  3. Im looking for explaination as per ur title, but instead ur telling us the story of the movie I watched….WTF

  4. Gorend was only there for 4 months. 2 months with the old man, one month with the lady, one month with her corpse, and then he met the black guy. Still, awesome video!

  5. came to get the movie explained cause it seems symbolic, but you're just doing a summary of the whole movie… I think people who already know this stuff are ones who watched it and who are also the majority of people who search for an explanation

  6. When he said “ who in there rite mind would choose to go in there, showing that maybe the outside world sees it as an opportunity instead of what it really is “ it brought to mind how this is supposed to be a social commentary about not only human nature but capitalism as well. The administration is sending people here with the illusion that they’d be given the opportunity to better thief life in some way.. with a degree for example. It’s a good representation about how in the Capitalist system you are sold the idea that you can succeed , that you need to sacrifice to achieve the success when it doesn’t have to be that way. When there is enough to go around there is enough success for everyone but the Top , the people controlling the whole thing won’t give it to you they’ll see you die before they do. It also shows how those closer to the top uphold these strict ideals looking down on those beneath. This movie has a lot of good commentary I just wish the ending was a little more fleshed out ! Anyways just a thought (:

  7. So, humans don't understand a concept unless beaten into their skulls, noted, enjoy your unglassed planet while it lasts.

  8. So, humans don't understand a concept unless beaten into their skulls, noted, enjoy your unglassed planet while it lasts.

  9. Goreng was only going to be there for 6 months. It's stated multiple times in this video that he is there for a year. He was with Trimagasi for the first 2 months (one alive one dead), Imoguiri for the next 2 months (also one alive one dead), and Baharat was his fifth month. We never got to see Goreng's entire fifth month and last, sixth month. Trimagasi had been there for 10 months when we first met him. It's confirmed when Goreng tells Trimagasi that he is getting a diploma after completing his 6 months there. Trimagasi responds that in his case, he should be receive two.

  10. My strategy if im at lvl 1 would be destroying every food until its not edible for one month so people at the bottom will die. If they die i would be fed for the next month since im the only one left

  11. unintentionally watched this movie and ended up with overthinking about the plot and the ending 🙁

  12. I like how about half of you think this is an allegory for communism, and the other half think it's an allegory for capitalism…. HMMMMMMM, WELL WHICH IS IT?

  13. So one guy brought in a paddling pool, one guy a cello, one guy brought cash but only one person has ever brought in a book. Is that some kind of statement about materialism vs culture? Was the little girl even real? There's no way she could have survived on floor 333 and she can't have been part of the rotation because her mother would have found her. Are the chefs on level 0 also inmates? If not why even give it a number? If you can bring in knives, guns and crossbow, then could you also bring in a grenade to really f*ck things up? Would bullets and bolts be considered separate items? Did the platform have some type of anti-gravity mechanics to allow it to move freely without cables and if so how is that possible? Has no one on the lower levels ever thought of riding the platform back up to the top? Surely that would be considered before cannibalism. How many inmates are voluntary and is there any culpability for the extremely high mortality rate? I know I'm over thinking it but I'm gonna have to watch again to cross a few T's

  14. What if the reason they ask you for your favorite food is so you can eat that every day and every body all the way down will not starve cuz they all ate there food

  15. He keeps saying a year for the main character but it's only 6 months hence 5 floors with one month left

  16. ahh so this is why people project a shitty reality….you get people acting game of thrones and GTA nowadays too thanks illuminati for splitting people up 🤣 currently suffering too btw like all of you

  17. This movie had me feeling so intense and serious the whole time but I lost it when mans got shitted on 🤣🤣 he just kinda screamed the whole time 😂 not to mention, the next scene featured a close up of his face and he’s just sitting there like “😡”

  18. I’m just getting over COVID-19 and now I have pneumonia, please don’t yell. I know you won’t get this in time to stop at in this video but next time please don’t yell. You can go back to yelling in a couple weeks please.

  19. I didn’t realize that the platform literally floats until two days after I watched the movie and I was just thinking about it lmao

  20. On the last day of the month, why wouldn't every single person ride the platform down to the bottom, getting more time to eat? It would make perfect sense


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