This Ending BLEW MY MIND (MUST SEE) | Half Life Alyx (VR) – Part 8 (END)


The ending to Half Life Alyx is one of the best endings I’ve ever seen in a videogame. It blew my mind, you don’t wanna miss this!
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Outro animation created by Pixlpit:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


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  1. Its all makes sense now the vortegorn(i kinda forget how they spelled) is used as the power source of the vault, vortegorn energy is g man weakness as seen in half life 2 so from the beginning they already hinting that the person in the vault is G man

  2. Garry's Mod 2 – Alyx's Mod…. in VR…… <3<3<3

    Awesome video Sean!!!! It is a weird time like you said, I've been doing a playthrough of Half Life Alyx too, it would be cool if you could take a look at the video and tell me what you think? Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Alyx: “Just need to GENTLY dock the vault to the bridge. How hard can that be?”

    Terminal: opens 9 levers

    Alyx: ”oh god”

  4. You know its weird to think about in the next 10-15 years these graphics might be shit compared to what is coming.

  5. so, holy crap a lot just changed within so little time.

    Half Life 2 Episode 2: Eli Vance is killed by an advisor, but before they can kill Gordon and Alyx, DOG comes in and saves them by wounding one but it escapes. Alyx mourns the loss of her father and the screen fades out

    Half Life Alyx: Alyx makes a deal with the G-Man to change the future, and now this time Alyx is missing and Eli is alive and this time an Advisor is killed.

    But all i know is, without a doubt in my and many others minds finally, Half-Life 3 is


  6. i have never watched half life before, spent all the time catching up and now watching this… holy fuck valve are gods

  7. if you look to the left at the ending scene the one with Gordon you can see g man standing there watching you

  8. i know a lot of people wont agree, but i REALLY want the next half life in VR as well. VR is so damn unfathomably awesome that i hardly wanna play on a screen anymore

  9. 26:15 "Go on and get him. Or what's left of him." lol.
    28:10 I like that the game doesn't teach you how to solve those puzzles.
    40:20 the OST is banging.
    43:45 that guy from gmod
    44:12 looks like the light bridge from Portal 2
    Damn, that was really cool. Hopefully the next one comes out in less than ten years.

  10. What if you could watch VR videos with the VR effect? They do that with loop animations y'know. So what bout gaming.

  11. I have to say this but Valve doesn’t know to count to 3 when it comes to trilogies. it was always like that. thats why there are 2 games of portal, half life and cs. all others are improvements and mods. Alyx is kind of a vr mod for half life 2. they will never name their games as “3”.

  12. This game was so immersive that I kept running into stuff and hitting stuff. I normally never do that in VR games.


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