UK PM Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus – BBC Newsnight


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus and is self-isolating in Downing Street. Subscribe to our channel here: He …



  1. This comment section is horrendous
    Just slag him off as that will bring the country together
    The same scumbags that let their teenage chavvy kids wander the streets coughing at strangers coz they can’t control them

  2. So breathless boris and his coronies got the lurgy .was that not expected when “herd immunity”is the stated policy .My sympathies are with the victims of their policy who did not make the decision to let this disease spread for two months ,remember this lockdown is only there to flatten the curve and relieve the NHS. It would have been wrong for the government to have actively avoided infection while deliberately allowing it to spread through schools etc .

  3. Reading through the comments its good too see the tin foil hat fraternity are out in force, keep it up guys it cheers the rest of us up in such dire times, without realising it you are comedy gold……..thanks.

  4. Dun, Dun, Daaaaaa!!!
    BBC hamming things up.
    Everyone I know who has had this, including myself and my children, have had mild to virtually no symptoms…
    I smell bullshit about this whole thing.

  5. Anyone else seeing the large plumes of pollution rolling over us or is it just my eyeballs??? Im suffering hayfever at the moment yet met office claims levels are low??? Something fishy in the air I tell thee!

  6. When will the UK public wake up? Their all owned and always lie,it is their duty to the control that's always there. Iraq wmds was a lie. Syria chem attack was a lie to cause mayhem in middle East not for UK public,we all said no but they done it anyway, and they cover up for the elites epsteins close ties with all worlds elite,unless you dont think the royal family are elite?

  7. it's all a lie, they do our brainwashing, make it easier to control themselves, and introduce to forced vaccination, as in the USA and Denmark. people don't get vaccinated, this is not a medicine, the vaccine is worse virus and nanochip. have not yet found the medicine, they are all tests over us because they want to do depopulation (Agenda 21/30) as in 1918 Spanish flu, which killed millions of people and lasted 2 years

  8. A whole swan can keep you going for a whole 3 months? Ask the polish who deal in them .. you can buy two swans for a realy good price 😉

  9. Any recepies for rat staue and swan casserole? … pigeon and squirrel pies ? Wer having a grand time nicking stuff of the local parks 🙂

  10. What if we us our big brains and think : on this is a virus that has become a pandemic * looks back at history of pandemics * so this baker with fire , ok the Spanish flu and then think that viruses can stick to thing and they are smaller then bacteria the only real way to to kill the infected people so the virus does not spread or you could treat them and it will take longer and people get more infected and accumulating virus that is stuck on the plastic and around there hospital beds .

  11. If the prime minister and health minister can't even be safe and wear gloves and masks what chance is there for everyone else wow don't even take his own advice what a joke . Setting an example. Much do they get paid for there decisions.


  13. I’m glad those pricks have it, they are, especially boris, the only ones that could have prevented it. Stupid.. stupid pricks

  14. Do not go out, wash hands frequently, wear masks when going out, and disinfect when going home. Please cherish the valuable experience of the Chinese people who have lost more than 3200 lives

  15. it is not a coronavirus, it is a curse by the widows and orphans of syria, Afghanistan, iraq, Algeria, libya, uighurs of china and each and every person have to ask for forgiveness

  16. Boris Johnson and prince Charles the most guarded and medically examend people in Britain have covid -19, but yet 100% of people I've spoken to still don't know anyone personally who has caught and been diagnosed with it by a doctor or has died from this alleged virus still after 3 months of its outbreak, but the death toll endlessly rises everyday, i work in the funeral buisness and we still havent dealt with one confirmed case of covid -19 this whole story is scaremongering B.S.

  17. So many basic mistakes made at the start and before the start of this outbreak, everyone else seen this coming except the government, one of the biggest mistakes was the Cheltenham festival being allowed to take place, 250,000 people from all over the globe and the UK crammed in like sardines.

  18. Very sadly people are believing this fake plannedemic. Grow up people and just look at the facts and the fear porn

  19. No they haven't they can't cope and fucked up the country people are doomed telling people we are giving you this and that yeah right read the small print

  20. So as they enforce social distancing on the public and police harass people walking a dog or driving a car …Everyone in Parliament catch the virus as they rub up against each other on the benches… 😂🤣 crazy …..

  21. Boris Johnson got corona virus and I’m the pope!! Next thing they’ll be telling us we’ve got the cocacola virus!! You keep listening to the BS while they take your money and freedom away!!

  22. It can't be that dangerous because the building trade ,is still working 9 hours a day or is that no one really gives a shit as long as we keep lining the government's pockets,
    i wonder what one it can be ?


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